Englewood Montessori Opens

It's a Board meeting day.  There's lots of coverage about school closings and new charters, plus a lawsuit and lots more. But my favorite story is about the Montessori charter in Englewood that's just opened -- the long-running effort of Rita Nolan and others from Near North Montessori to open a charter (originally slated for Avondale in 2009 and rejected at the last minute under Huberman).  Scroll down for the Board meeting agenda (in a previous post).  CLOSURES CHARTERS

On heels of strike, teachers union braces for school closure fight Medill Reports: Union members have already begun working with community partners on a campaign against school closures, and they plan to meet at a Dec. 8 summit to come up with plans for an escalated campaign, Sharkey said.

Cleveland's charter school growth a cautionary tale for ChicagoTribune: Cleveland's figure is 28 percent, one of the highest in the nation, according to the alliance. That compares with 11 percent in Chicago, where the district has more than 400,000 students, according to the group. Chicago has 118 charter campuses.

Montessori program embraced by Englewood school Tribune: Executive Director Rita Nolan, her six teachers and other staff members at the Montessori School of Englewood are pioneers: In August, they launched what they say is the first full Montessori education program in the Chicago Public Schools.


School board sued over rape of girl Sun Times: The teacher saw the girl from her classroom window at John Cook Elementary being led away from school grounds by her abductor shortly after the start of the school day on May 11, the suit said. The teacher even called to the girl and took three photos of the girl and the man but didn’t notify …

Family sues school board over abduction, rape of girl WGN: A family is suing the Chicago Board of Education after a girl was abducted and sexually assaulted.


Chicagoans Give Rahm Emanuel Poor Grades In These Times: Did Mayor Emanuel really think the Chicago Teachers Union was the devil and in order to improve public education in Chicago you have to break the teachers union?

Governor Quinn brings Diane Ravitch to Chicago Reader (blog): Moreover, the governor also invited Chicago Teachers Union President Karen Lewis to sit at his table, saying: “I'd like to salute the master teacher in chemistry—Karen Lewis."

Better than the Presidential Debates: Berkowitz w/ Robin Steans on Cable and ... ChicagoNow (blog): ... whether the recently agreed upon contract between CPS and the Chicago Teachers Union will improve the quality of education in the CPS, whether charter schools and voucher schools improve the quality of education, whether it made sense to replace ...

Chicago Teacher Education Pipeline hires two to expand induction, mentoring ... Illinois State University Stories: Maria Owens brings more than three decades of school experience to the Chicago Teacher Education Pipeline. She began her career as a teacher in Chicago Public Schools and has served as an educator and administrator in a variety of Illinois districts.



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  • A pipeline for principals | catalyst-chicago.org http://ow.ly/eJoa8

  • Okay, so who has the scoop? Retired Principal? Estavan?

    Which schools are closing?

  • maria montessori states that there should be 30 kids per teacher. At Near North Montessori, the student to teacher ratio is more like 10:1. I guess i am just confused about how montessori by maria's definition functions in today's Chicago society: classrooms with huge gaps in achievement level, students that are homeless or quasi-homeless, etc.
    I support this idea but I wonder how a new teacher would have the management skills to make this work. Is it easier to monitor independent learning X30 in a class or just teach one lesson and try to modify where needed? Remember, we're talking about the youth of englewood, not post WWII Rome

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