Does UDL Work?

My latest article from the Harvard Education Letter, Bringing UDL into the Mainstream, is now up online -- aided as was my previous article by Access Living's Rod Estvan. Several of you went to trainings about this over the summer, and a few of you are no doubt being urged to give it a try by your network chiefs and principals.The Spring 2012 Harvard Ed Letter article (no subscription required) looked at the impact of NCLB waivers on special education programs and students (With the Rise of “Super Subgroups,” Concerns for Disabled Students Mount).

This new article (subscription required) describes how an approach called UDL (universal design for learning) has been spreading from individual classrooms, to schools, to districts, and now even to states (or at least a few of them) -- despite the lack of clear effectiveness research and the confusion between it and other popular reforms such as differentiated instruction and buying iPads.

Thanks to Rod and everyone else who helped me get up to speed on this fascinating issue.  Any experiences or insights into UDL that you want to add, please do so in comments or on Twitter.



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