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There's not a ton of CPS news so far today, but there was a debate last night and education came up a couple of times -- I thought Obama did better but was still disappointing .  What about you? Plus, an interesting story about the state of Tennessee withholding money from Nashville because the district rejected a charter school application.

*UPDATE:  As you can see from comments, CPS sent out a press release describing two budget amendment hearings that were held last night, but seems not to have sent out much notice about the hearings ahead of time.  


Obama Makes Education A Presidential Debate Subject HuffPost: In perhaps the biggest pivot of the presidential debate Tuesday night, President Barack Obama turned a question about gun violence into an answer about education.\

At Debate, Obama, Romney Link Education to Economy EdWeek: During their second duel of this campaign, President Barack Obama and Republican challenger Mitt Romney on Tuesday night framed the issue of education as an economic one.

Charter School Flap Escalates Wall Street Journal: Tennessee education officials withheld $3.4 million from Nashville's school district after the city barred a charter school from opening in an affluent neighborhood, in a fight that highlights the growing tension...


Two teens shot while playing basketball near school Sun Times: Two teenagers were shot while they played basketball Tuesday night near a public elementary school in the Rogers Park neighborhood, police said. The teens ­— ages 17 and 18 — were shooting hoops in the 7600 block of North Marshfield, where the Stephen F. Gale Math and Science Academy is located, police said.

Teachers strike in Highland Park, Highwood WBEZ:  A strike by teachers in Chicago's northern suburbs means classes are canceled for about 4,500 students in Highland Park and Highwood.

For the Record: ACT, SAT and Teacher Basic Skills Test Catalyst: In lieu of passing a basic skills test that many aspiring teachers failed, lSBE will now allow ACT and SAT exam scores to be used for admission into education colleges.

Full inspiration Chicago Tribune: The memoir spoke to a student at one suburban  Chicago high school in such a life-changing way that "Half a Life" became required reading for students at that school and another. Students even got a visit from the author, who writes full time and is a ...

Resolved: school debate thrives... Chicago Sun-Times: I think that's why, while all my school stuff was deep-sixed into the basement long ago, my National Forensic League certificate proclaiming that I've attained the Degree of Excellence is still framed in my office, albeit in the closet. I worked hard ...


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  • oh, yeah -- budget hearing info from CPS -- did anybody know about or go to these things? did byrd bennett show up?

    CPS Holds Public Hearings On Amended Budget
    CPS reduces Central Office spending and avoids cuts to classroom to cover $103 million for year one of CTU contract costs

    Chicago – At two separate public hearings this evening, Chicago Public Schools (CPS) presented its amended 2013 Fiscal Year (FY 13) which funds year one of the new Chicago Teachers Union (CTU) contract. The amended budget reduces administration, finance and operations spending in the central office, avoiding cuts to classrooms as promised by CPS, the Board of Education and Mayor Rahm Emanuel. CPS held the public hearings at Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. College Prep High School and Walter Payton Prep High School.

  • Maybe only Sarah Karp of Catalyst.

  • I did not learn of the hearings until about 2pm yesterday and I already had a meeting set for the evening. I have looked several times at the budget web page and as of the day of the supposed hearings it still did not have the time and place of the hearings listed.

    I will try to make comments at the upcoming Board meeting if I can get in line early enough.

    Rod Estvan

  • Don't they have an online sign-up system for public speakers at the BOE meetings now?

  • In reply to district299reader:

    The online sign up has been suggested by the Board President, but as of today the CPS Board Website has not created such an option. See

    Rod Estvan

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