Crises In CPS

It's a slow news day so far so let's take a look at the recent Catalyst print issue about schools, student trauma, and social workers. One story tells about the fallout at Abby Elementary after a preschool student was shot and killed in August 2011. Another points out that just 16 CPS schools have fulltime social workers -- most of them, like Fenger, only temporarily. A third describes the peer mediation program at Talent Development. The article that interested me most is about the CPS crisis team -- I didn't even know there was one, or what it did. You can download the entire issue here.



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  • Lincoln Park school pushing cash strapped CPS for new facility - Chicago Sun-Times

  • Thank you, Sarah Karp and Catalyst, for illuminating the wonderful work done by this team of unsung heroes at CPS. Dr. Malatt and her team took the concept of doing more with less to a whole new level. It is wonderful to see that their selfless struggle for the well being of students and staff, who are caught up in that cauldron of violence, is given well deserved recognition.

  • We <3 Dr. Malatt. One of the good guys.

  • From Catalyst: "One area where awareness has likely resulted in more calls is teen suicide. About a third of the 1,750 incidents concerned a distressed child who was talking about killing himself or herself.

    "Megan Watkins, a crisis interventionist, says she attributes the high number of calls to awareness: The crisis team has trained school counselors to recognize signs that a student is considering suicide.

    "Watkins notes, however, that few students actually go through with the idea. “Lake Forest already has three suicides this year,” she says. “We have had five.”

    "According to the Centers for Disease Control, Chicago has one of the highest rates in the country of children who have tried suicide. Ten percent of teenagers in Chicago reported attempting suicide in the CDC’s 2011 Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance Survey. Nationally, on average, 6.9 percent of teens reported attempting suicide."

  • That's a lot of hurt in CPS.

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