CPS Teacher Wins Dance-Off

This is silly but people keep sending it to me, so:  Faced with a youthful challenger in the cafeteria after school, Whitney Young teacher John Fanning responded with his own moves.  Video below.  

Doesn't take much to impress the kids, I guess.  Then again, I'm not sure what I would have done.

Perhaps Fanning had been training in secret for just this moment, or is a secret fan of Dancing With The Stars.


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  • That is called Irish Step Dancing.And the teacher was not bad.
    In fact he has more talent than the kid.

  • Mr. Fanning treated that boy.

    If Alex was faced with those sub-par dance moves he most likely would peed his pants and then blogged about it later from the safety of his Brooklyn studio apartment.

  • All CPS schools should be this much fun, but CPS forces the 'poorer' schools to test the kids to death!

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