Charter Rally / Contract Vote

Today's education news includes lots of coverage of the charter school rally, and the (still in process) contract voting by the teachers, plus a few other items (a new agency in Springfield, a rally against overuse of the school discipline system).


Thousands turn out to charter school rally Catalyst: Despite getting a big funding increase this year and CPS projecting huge future deficits, charter school leaders brought together thousands of their parents and other proponents to rally for more charters and increased funding.

Charter backers rally as teachers vote on contract Tribune: "Charter schools mean business." The new teachers contract is expected to cost about $74 million a year, and charter operators are pressing to make sure Chicago Public Schools doesn't pay for it by tapping into money intended for publicly funded charters.

Today's lesson: charters do not outperform unionized schools Reader: There are no charters in the top ten schools in Chicago. None in the top 20, 30, or 40 either.

Don't close schools. Punish parents Dean of Parents (blog): You think the strike is over.  Well the war is just getting started.


Chicago teachers union set to count ballots on new contract Fox News: Chicago Teachers Union officials are set to start counting the ballots that its members cast on whether they want to accept a proposed contract.

CTU chief 'optimistic' about contract vote Tribune: Chicago Teachers Union President Karen Lewis, one of thousands of city teachers voting today to approve a new contract with the Chicago Public Schools, wasn't making any predictions on the results of that vote.

CTU members vote on new contract, prepare for next fight Catalyst: In a sign of solidarity with community groups, CTU President Karen Lewis chose to vote on the teacher contract at Dyett High School, which is being phased out amid intense community resistance.

CTU members vote on contract deal that ended teachers strike Sun Times:  Some 30,000 Chicago Teachers Union members began voting Tuesday morning on whether to ratify the contract deal that resolved the first Chicago teachers strike in 25 years.


New state education group zeros in on achievement gaps, school takeovers WBEZ: The efforts will be channeled through a new agency--called the Center for School Improvement. The state board awarded the American Institutes for Research a $10 million, one-year contract (with an optional four-year extension) to run the new center.

Mayor Emanuel announces $4 million more for programs to keep kids off the streets Sun Times: Four thousand more Chicago children will have access to after-school and summer programs, thanks to a $4 million investment tied to Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s 2013 budget.

Student Activists Call for High School Discipline Reform (VIDEO) Progress IL: A group of student activists and their advocates marched from Crane High School to a nearby Cook County Juvenile Detention Center to protest student suspensions and pushouts on Saturday.


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  • here's INCS andrew broy's response to the joravsky piece on charter performance, used with permission:

    " Of course you have to omit selective enrollment schools from the comparison since they screen for test scores on the way in. He also ignores charter high schools entirely, which are higher performing, on a relative basis, than charter elementaries. We also think growth scores are a much better indicator of quality than ISAT status data, and charters do quite well there."

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