Bruce Rauner Video

Be among the first to watch the Bush Foundation video from September that prompted the Tribune article about Bruce Rauner and all the mini-hullabaloo that followed.  He wrote an opinion piece last week, just to make sure we didn't forget about him.  It's about an hour long.  No idea when Rauner speaks.  Just 10 viewers so far.  I bothered them for weeks to get this, so please credit D299 if you see it here first.


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  • rauner goes off during questions - at about the 33 min mark

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    In reply to Alexander Russo:

    Listen on for a while after Rauners comments...espcially the Jimmy Johns guy...OMG!!!! He was complainng about having to update his stores to be ADA compliant to allow better wheel chair access. He was genuine when he said that he felt a good comprimise was the install a buzzer and make the person in the wheel chair wait outside and the sandwhich would be brought out to them...when inquired about if it was raining his reply was "I'll make the canopy bigger." And he goes on to say that he think "these people" are good at "popping wheelies" so they could hop into his stores. Holy S(&^^ - even if you beleive we over regulate in this country and that small business is being crushed...this is the example you throw up there Mr/Mrs rich republican? This kind of guy is the first ass&*() that would use his army of corproate lawyers to sue a small business if one of his kids became wheel chair bound. Do you think he would tell his children "Come on son...jsut pop a wheelie."

  • Bruce Rauner is Mayor Rahm Emanuel.

  • ****QUIZ TIME****

    Q: Bruce Rauner is...

    A) Rich

    B) Capitalist

    C) A Bundle Of Sticks

    D) All Of The Above

  • MAYOR RAHM EMANUEL HAS DONE IT AGAIN: Mayor Rahm Emanuel not only dissed CTU's President Karen Lewis, but now he has shown his true colors in terms of having very little respect for a legend and icon like Mr. Ed Gardner, 87. founder of Soft Sheer Hair Products who is credited with bankrolling the election of Harold Washington, Chicago's first African-American mayor. Mayor Rahm Emanuel has blatantly refused to sit down with Mr. Gardner, a man who has done more for Chicago than Mayor Rahm Emanuel has. Mayor Rahm Emanuel has continued to ignore requests for a face to face meeting with Mr. Gardner to discuss issues blanketing the African-American community. P.S.- Karen Lewis, has Rahm called you yet?

  • Which black leaders in Chicago does Emanuel take meetings with? How does their access compare to the access by others? It'd be interesting to know.

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