Added IBs, Unclear Re-Hirings

The big news of late is the new IB classes being proposed for five CPS high schools and the uncertainty surrounding the rehire provisions in the contract. More to come, I hope.  How's it going to your / your kid's school?


Five CPS schools to host new IB classes ABC7: The education programs will be started at Bronzeville, Farragut, Kennedy, Schurz, and Juarez High Schools, according to CPS. Mayor Rahm Emanuel and new CPS CEO Barbara Byrd-Bennett announced the IB programs Thursday.

Barbara Byrd-Bennett’s Vision for CPS Defender: Byrd-Bennett said she's up to the challenge of leading the nation's third largest school district. She spoke with the Chicago Defender about the new job she said she's in for the long haul.


For the Record: Displaced teacher hiring Catalyst: In the 2011-2012 school year, only 29 percent of new hires were of displaced teachers, according to a Catalyst Chicago analysis of data obtained through a Freedom of Information Act request. But three years ago, 48 percent of new hires were displaced teachers. During that time, the number of teachers in the displaced pool declined to 404 from 721.

Why the sudden crop of teacher strikes? Tribune: Some theorized that teachers in the suburbs were emboldened by the success of the Chicago Teachers Union, which after a seven-day strike in September agreed to a new three-year contract that ended a bitter dispute with Mayor Rahm Emanuel over school ...

Raises, contract length were key to turning strike around Sun-Times: Plus, year four was optional, a boon to the Chicago Teachers Union seeking a two-year contract. With that, the deal was struck, negotiators said Wednesday — although it took several days more to nail down language and two more meetings of union ...


Neighborhood fights to keep out alternative school Sun Times: Youth at risk. A funeral home. The Civil War. Angry neighbors. All are elements of a battle brewing in the tiny Gap neighborhood, a Near South Side sliver where plans for an alternative school and Civil War museum on the site of a funeral home considered a community landmark has met opposition.

Five days after passing transgender anti-discrimination rule, school board may rescind it WBEZ:  The new rule grants them the right to participate in sports, gym classes and use restrooms without harassment. State law requires school districts to pass their own anti-bullying policies.


Figuring out the High School thing cpsobsessed: I have sort of come to grips with the fact that if my son goes to a neighborhood high school he will likely be in school alongside some undesirable kids – namely gang members.  I think most other high school ills tend to be universal across suburbs and cities and small towns.  Drugs, sex, the usual.  And I think many of us feel prepared to help our kids deal with that stuff.  So I’m thinking I’d put “gang kids” on that same list.  As long as I can feel the school is safe and he isn’t likely to be shived or shot then I will probably be okay.

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  • from a reader:

    This story by the Sun-Times is very slanted and did not take our community's and Aldermen Fioretti, Dowell and Burns concerns.

    Within a 6 block walk from the proposed school site there are 10 high schools. Four of them are in closed or shared elementary schools that were added in the past 4 years. One of the schools is for at risk youth (Youth Connection Leadership Academy).

    How much burden should a community take?

    These facts were omitted from the published story. I'm writing you because you are a fair education writer that sees both sides of every issue. Plus, we all know CPS reads you and maybe they'll stop opening schools in a community with only 2,500 school aged children.

  • Prologue Alternative school plan meets much opposition
    At risk students that have previous gang affiliations that have been kicked out of other alternative high schools are predators and should not be directly across the street from our small elementary children at Pershing West Magnet School. Small children are also impressionable and we need positive examples of good behavior in front of them on a daily basis. Prologue is trying to force their way into our community. However predators belong in an industrial area away from small children so that they may have time to dry themselves out from all the criminal habits and social ills they've adapted that have led them down the path of destruction. They should not be allowed to be placed right across the street from the small children at Pershing West.

    Also why would a school want to be in a funeral home???

    Here's a link where community folk are expressing their concerns;

  • more about prologue, GAP, and the funeral home

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