Two Duncans At The DNC

Former CPS chief Arne Duncan gave a speech before the one from Bill Clinton that everyone's talking about, and a few news outlets covered it.  I haven't watched it but I'm told it was particularly wooden and bland -- everyone's playing it safe, and Duncan is particularly good at that I guess.  Duncan's daughter Claire (pictured) formerly of Ray Elementary School was also there in Charlotte, interviewing reporters and dignitaries as part of TIME for Kids, a tidbit that seems almost as notable. Click below for coverage, text, and video of Arne's speech.  Here's Claire's update, which includes a disclosure about her father.

Arne Duncan's DNC Speech Focuses On Ryan Budget, But Not Class Size HuffPostEdu: Duncan did not overtly mention class size, the Obama campaign's loudest rallying cry against Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney when it comes to K-12 education.

Duncan Speech Finesses Touchy Issues PK12: The education secretary steered clear of mentioning charter schools expansion, teacher evaluation, and aggressive school turnaround—policies at the heart of the Obama administration's agenda during Duncan's tenure as secretary.  Those ideas aren't so popular with some in the Democratic base, including many teachers.

Duncan declined to take a side on the contract negotiations in Chicago, no surprise.

Politico has speech text and video here.

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