Striking Over [Nickleback?]

Since Sunday night it's been pretty confusing to me and perhaps others.  Chicago teachers can't seem to make up their mind as to what exactly they're striking over -- wages, evaluations, air conditioning, respect?

So too, 10th grade math teacher / protester Mike Konkoleski can't seem make up his mind whether he thinks Mayor Emanuel likes one awful rock band -- Nickleback -- or another -- Creed.   It's Wednesday -- who knows what Konkoleski (or CTU) will come up with next.

Emanuel supporters shouldn't take too much pleasure in the apparent confusion of issues and bands, however.  Emanuel's most viral mocker apparently teaches at CICS-Longwood, a non-union charter school.  Ouch.


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    The lack of a crystal clear agenda is a bit sad Russo - but come on you know why. The moment Karen would explicitly publically agree with Rham that its down to those tow issues - he would say "GOTCHA" - this strike is illegal and he would file a lawsuit. Right?

    So CPS has the advantage in the media - Karen has to do her negotiating behind closed doors becasue of SB7.

  • @ctulocal1 too celebratory and flip about school being out, say @chipubschools officials

  • In reply to Alexander Russo:

    It is hard to be as somber as David Vitale and Rahm Emanuel. Teaching is a joyous occupation and slaying an anti-education beast like the mayor is a beautiful thing. I have fun in the classroom and I have fun in the streets. In fact I have fun everyday. Vitale and Emanuel are a couple of sad sack little turds.

  • Starting teachers in Chicago already make more than anywhere else; veterans top out 2nd to NYC @wonkbook @nctq #5bb

  • From Democracy Now at

    “The historic teachers’ strike in Chicago has entered its third day as educators remain deadlocked with the city over teacher evaluations and other issues. On Tuesday, thousands of Chicago Teachers Union members flooded Daley Plaza outside City Hall and marched toward the school district’s headquarters. Nearly 30,000 teachers and their support staff have walked out over reforms sought by Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, who is President Obama’s former chief of staff. A key point of contention is the district’s proposed method for evaluating teachers, which the teachers’ union says relies too heavily on standardized testing and could soon result in thousands of job cuts.”

  • Dear Chicago Police brothers and sisters; you choose to work the 4 hours a day rate--$21.00 per hour and benefits even with no children in the schools. You do know you were paid by the teachers not getting their 4% last year. Now you cross a strike line everyday. Sad.

  • In reply to district299reader:

    I have seen and heard nothing but support from the CPD officers. I have also witnessed a ton of support from members of the CPD, CTA, and other city workers

  • my mistake -- sloppy google searching turned up CICS Longwood (listed as a previous job on LinkedIn) but apparently he's now at Eric Solario.

  • Russo likes Uncle Kracker.

    Hey Alex, I know you're just a blogster, but see if your editor will fly you in for the strike. C'mon, if they won't do that than they have less respect for you than Rahm does CTU teachers.

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