Strike End / Injunction?

Lots and lots of coverage about the strike, most of it focused on whether the HOD will vote to end the strike today and whether the Emanuel injunction will take effect if it doesn't.  We won't know about that second part until tomorrow, of course.  Meantime, everyone -- parents, teachers, observers -- pretty much has to wait. Feelings are still running pretty high, which is understandable.  Check out the cartoon to the right, and Curtis Black's article from CMW about how the injunction may have angered delegates enough to vote to continue the strike.

Q & A: What’s next in teachers strike Sun Times:  Q: When will the Chicago Teachers Union strike end? A. No one knows for sure. But parents have two chances in the next two days to see the strike end. The union’s House of Delegates could vote Tuesday afternoon to suspend it, or a judge on Wednesday could grant a city motion and halt it.

Rahm Emanuel gambles and loses — for now — with teacher strike injunction attempt Sun Times:  Mayor Rahm Emanuel rolled the dice and lost — at least initially — in his bid to get striking Chicago Public School teachers back to the classroom, but it was a gamble worth taking, his City Council floor leader said Monday.

Chicago teachers strike: Why Rahm Emanuel's court gambit may backfire (+video) CS Monitor: Mayor Rahm Emanuel and the Chicago Public Schools on Monday asked a court for a temporary injunction that would end the teachers strike immediately. They are taking a calculated risk that the move won't actually slow resolution of the conflict.

Strike continues as teachers weigh contract proposal WBEZ: Across Chicago, teachers are wading through the 180-page contract proposal as the strike continues into its second week.  Union delegates are scheduled to take another vote on Tuesday, but the city is seeking legal action to force teachers back into classrooms.

Union to vote Tuesday: Suspend strike or go back to negotiations Catalyst: On Tuesday, one of two things will happen in the ongoing Chicago teachers strike: The House of Delegates will suspend the strike, or they will send their leaders back to the negotiation table—a move that will likely kick off a complicated legal battle over whether the strike is legal at all.

Classrooms or chaos Tribune (editorial): All eyes in the city will be on the nearly 800 delegates of the Chicago Teachers Union on Tuesday. The delegates will either show faith with their community and vote to return to the classrooms Wednesday, or they'll throw the city into chaos by continuing the teacher walkout. Refusing to go back to work would be a disastrous escalation of this labor fight.

CPS, parents react to continuing teachers strike WGN News: The Chicago Teachers Union's strike is entering its second week, and parents are not happy about it.

Weighing Offer, Chicago Teachers Remain On Strike NPR: Emanuel fired back Sunday night by instructing city attorneys to seek a court order forcingChicago Teachers Union members back into the classroom. "This was a strike of choice and is now a delay of choice that is wrong for our children," he said in a ...

Chicago judge sets hearing on teachers strike Chicago Tribune: "We are all of the same mind that there's no alternative to organizing together to fight privatization and moving the union forward."

CPS Seeks Court Order to End Strike Chicago Tonight: Paris Schutz has the latest on the court order request, and Elizabeth Brackett reports on details of the contract that teachers are considering.

About that injunction CMW: By angering teachers with a motion for an injunction declaring the teachers’ strike illegal, Mayor Emanuel may have made passage of the proposed teachers’ contract even more difficult, said Rod Estvan, education policy analyst withAccess Living.


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  • Teachers! Stay the course! If the line-items are not right, don't sign off on it. This is bigger than you! The whole country is watching.
    Rahm is full of games, games of lawyers; the rhetorical local news in his pocket; a tool to the 1%. Parents will take sides, regardless. Most of them are on your side. Some are irritated by the inconvenience. (Oh, well. Time to be a parent and troubleshoot again).

    We have nothing but time. Do what is right for you and our children. This has been a long time coming, the iron is already hot. Find a solid contract, the one you want.

    A CPS parent.

  • Thank you, Tony,
    I am a CPS teacher and it is important for us to hear from parents. If we don't stay strong, we will lose public education in the City of Chicago. I hope we continue to fight as a united group.

  • here's a new video from the PPPC thank you teachers

  • 10 Things You Didn't Know About The Chicago Teachers Union | Chicago Libertarian

  • Egos and inexperience created Chicago strike as much as issues, say Boston and Philly counterparts

  • In reply to Alexander Russo:

    Crocodile tears Rahm—that vacant look in those children’s eyes you see—teachers see it and change it for the better everyday! Where were you 9 days ago?

  • Well it's suspended, I wonder how those who accepted the "wellness" portion of the contract so easily will feel as they sign away their rights to a third party to view their health records?

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