"On Strike Forever!"

Chicago teachers strike spoofed on Jest Tribune: "Chicago Public Schools students may soon be back in the classroom, but not according to a satirical video produced by Jest.com, part of the College Humor comedy brand." Click below to watch the video.  Or go read the Onion story from yesterday: Chicago Public Schools Celebrate Third Straight Day Without Any Student Violence



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  • RP,
    I knew you'd be on here. Just commented on what you'd have to say. How did HOD meeting go?

  • Headache299
    How do you know that this isn’t top down misinformation?

  • Top-down misinformation? Sometimes this feels like Lord of the Flies.

  • More like Animal Farm.

  • meh... comedy works better when it is funny.

  • CNN is saying the strike may be over:


    From the article, "A source close to the negotiations said some of the terms include: keeping the current length of school year and school day; giving principals the freedom to hire their own teachers; and, chief among the dispute's sticking points, updating the teacher evaluation system for the first time in 40 years."

    I'm curious what "giving principals the freedom to hire their own teachers" means? Is the DNH scarlet letter gone? Are principals going to be free again to hire who they want?

  • In reply to Whatnow?:

    These are the talking points from Rahm's first press conference on the Sunday just before the strike. So, the "source" is spinning the agreement.

  • "Judge strikes down Wisconsin law limiting union rights"

  • fb_avatar

    Chicago Schools whats really happening

  • Who is advising Rahm to file for an injunction? He needs a better attorney.

    Rahm can try to get an injunction, but it doesn’t smell like a winner. (1) Students are not endangered because of the strike but because of the dangerous conditions of the city. No proof that student deaths, or injuries of any kind, have come during school hours during the strike. In fact, there's plenty of evidence that proves the danger is after school would be out of session, besides. There's reams of stats from this summer and just look at this weekend's shooting totals. The violence in Chicago cannot be tied to the teacher's job action. (2) The union has consistently said that it is not striking over prohibited issues. the union is striking over compensation and working conditions. However, the union will give up money to have the other issues on the table. In fact, the union has come a long way from initial demands of $$$ and from the arbitrator's recommended pay increase. By tying the issues of evaluation and recall into a compensation trade off, the strike is legal. The feds do it all the time. The feds have no jurisdiction under the Constitution to control educational matters except that they tie money to the mandate. You want Title 1 funds, then you have to comply with NCLB. You want Race to the Top funds, then you do this. It's analagous to what the CTU is doing. (3) Unfair labor practices: there's a good chance that the CPS will be found to have violated law by imposing new working conditions on teachers when the CPS needed to follow the old agreement until a new agreement was hashed out.

    On an interesting note, looking at another CTU v CPS suit, the teachers have a very strong chance to winning back the 4% the board took away. The evidence so far doesn’t show a financial emergency. The CPS has to open its books, and what the CTU lawyers are finding isn’t helping the CPS case at all. Wouldn't that be a kicker?

    I'm not sure how Rahm and his advisers thought this would play out, but from a legal standpoint, his team is really making a hash of this.

    Labor Attorney with 18 years of experience in the trenches. (please feel free to forward this to the CTU attorneys. I hate to see someone pretend the law is silly putty to be bent to his will, like Rahm apparently feels).

  • In reply to district299reader:

    Thanks for the clarification. Three thousand of us retired this year and our pensions are impacted because we did not get the 4%. This was after we had signed an irrevocable intent to retire form. CPS lied about the lack of money.
    I sent the CTU an email a month ago asking if the union and the pension board could file a class action lawsuit for us. This issue is something I will pursue after the strike.

    Karen and her team are doing a great job for all members. We need to stay united.

  • As to the health of students, thanks to the city's "children first" centers, any child who needs a meal can get one. Thus, the impace on student health is de minimis.

    Rahm's statement is all bluster. Whoever his attorneys are really need to be replaced. I've had 18 years of experience in this realm. It ain't going to happen.

  • In reply to district299reader:

    Does anyone know what this "wellness" program is all about?

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to district299reader:

    The wellness program is no big deal. I know a SGT on the CPD (yes the SGT's union joined the wellness program not the FOP.) Anyway, we talked at my child's soccer game this weekend - no big deal at all....unless you are a smoker.

    Otherwise - a health screening - which they hope to catch early things instead of them becoming more serious and more expensive things later.

    I am a SUPPORTER of CTU - and I can tell you this is one of thee things NOT to worry about.

  • Who Is Victimizing Chicago’s Kids?

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