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A roundup of all the print and online news stories is in the previous post, but here you can watch last night's dueling press conferences below. One at a time, or click "play" on both at the same time and listen to them each with one ear. Huffington Post says that Emanuel was near tears, and his hand was trembling.  I thought Lewis was peeved at the reporters' questions.  What do you think?

View more videos at: http://nbcchicago.com.



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    From Tribune at 11:57
    Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney says Chicago teachers are turning their backs on thousands of students and President Barack Obama is siding with the striking teachers.
    Romney, in a statement released hours before he was set to land in Chicago for fundraisers, says he is disappointed by the Chicago teachers' decision to walk out of negotiations. Romney says he sides with parents and students over unionized teachers.
    Thousands of teachers walked off the job in Chicago's first schools strike in 25 years. The walkout by 26,000 teachers and support staff in the nation's third-largest school district affects almost 400,000 students.
    Romney has been critical of public employee unions, including teachers. Romney says union interests run counter to students' education.


  • Emanuel says this is a strike of choice because its not financial and the things left on the table are minor. Just because this point in the negotiation is not about money does not mean it is not important.

    FAIR evaluations, job security, teaching environment, (hot days with no air) teaching supplies such as books...... have been MAJOR issues, not minor.

    Can you tell the teachers are TIRED OF IT?

    Can you tell that we WON'T BE BULLIED?

    After screaming in Lewis;s face "F*** you Lewis" are you surprised?

    How much bullying, and corruption can we take as citizens from our government's politicians.

    One step at a time we are taking this country back. We will be back on top of education. We will take back this country and earn our livings through HARD WORK, educations, and the trades.

    It's not ALWAYS about who know in order to get ahead in life.... sometimes... hard work, righteousness, and an ass kicking to corrupt and bullying politicians like Emanuel, will get you ahead and better off!

    We're taking back this country one corrupt politician at a time. One city at a time. Own small town at a time!

    Keep kicking ass CTU!!

    F+++ YOU Emanuel!!

  • In reply to Musician:

    It's a "strike of choice" because the issues remaining between CTU and CPS -- teacher evaluation and recall are not Section 4.5 issues! CPS isn't required to negotiate those issues and CTU cannot legally based its strike on those issues. That's why Lewis is now talking about air conditioning. AIR CONDITIONING!!! Come on, didn't even some of you who would follow Lewis into the ground wonder where THAT came from? Lewis has done an enormous disservice to her constituents by duping them into believing that they are striking about "big picture issues" like "the future of public schools." That fight is with the legislature, not the city. things that are completely out of the collective bargaining realm. This strike is not about the students OR the teachers. It's about Karen Lewis' ego. Did she really think the city was afraid of her threats??? Trust me, as soon as the tide turns and her decisions start to be questioned, this strike will come to a screeching halt. Oh, and don't be too sure about what she tells you about parents overwhelmingly supporting CTU. We support Teachers, not the union. And some of us are getting really, really tired of the whining.

  • In reply to FedUpParent:

    Sorry 4u Fedup. There are LSC parents walking the line. Principals are (quietly) behind the CTU. Air-conditioning has also come from principals btw. It is not whining, it 's roaring that must be heard. CPS did not believe-they see it now.

  • In reply to district299reader:

    Air conditioning? For a mid-August to mid-June school year in Chicago? That's what's important enough to disrupt the lives of 300,000 children and their parents?

  • In reply to district299reader:

    Yes, air conditioning is needed. I worked in a school without it and then had the sun beam into our classrooms in the afternoons. To watch the 5 year olds try to work and learn under those conditions, it was horrible. They couldn't even work. They just wanted to go home. You should try to see what it's like. Also, why give some schools AC but not others?

  • In reply to district299reader:

    Air Conditioning sounds great! I wouldn't want to work in a building without it.

    Now, what expenses should CPS eliminate to pay for the AC?

  • In reply to Donn:

    TIF $$$ to schools instead of to Penny-close bad charters-stop opening new. UNO got $97 mil in just over 1 year.

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    In reply to Donn:

    Let's start with JCB's salary.

  • In reply to M Wesoloskie:

    Let’s start with Donn’s “office of communications” salary

  • In reply to district299reader:

    Can I get money for this? Woohoo

    Where do I send the paperwork? If there's merit pay involved I can really score some points on some of you guys.

  • In reply to FedUpParent:

    I'm a parent and I support both teachers and their union.

  • In reply to district299reader:

    "Reader" you've made my point beautifully. Yup, Karen's got you drinking the Kool Aid, too. Nobody in the city Chicago thinks schools shouldn't have AC. But WHEN was it ever an issue in these negotiations before last night? Do you really think that if the City had a choice of spending $$ on AC in the schools versus setting up contingency shelters they would have chosen the latter? And talk about "liars and bullies" -- does she really expect us to believe that she didn't get Vitale's messages last night (while she was rehearsing the speech she's been waiting to give for months)? Yep, that's the role model for my kids. BTW, I'm a member of our school's LSC and I dislike/distrust CPS almost as much as CTU. But CPS' fundamental knuckleheadedness should not be confused with these contract negotiations. You are roaring alright, but do you really need to be told that the Emperor is wearing no clothes?

  • In reply to FedUpParent:

    You are on an LSC? Yikes. Maybe during this break you can go get your helicopter wings cleaned.

  • In reply to FedUpParent:

    do you have a child that sits in a classroom that is over 90 degrees on many days? if not, i don't think you have anything relevant to say on the air conditioning issue.

  • Rahm Emanuel Doesn't Give 'Two Hoots' About Romney's Take On Chicago Teachers Strike http://ow.ly/dBGWW

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    In reply to Alexander Russo:

    oh boy....he better start to distance himself from Romney....he and Romnay are sounding an awful lot alike these days.

  • How teacher strikes hurt student achievement http://ow.ly/dBH9v #5bb

  • In reply to Alexander Russo:

    This blog has become a backwater of lop-sidedness and teacher-bashing. I think the tone is set by Russo's inflammatory tweets and comments, which once served to incite teacher reactions but now just preach to the converted flamers, BOE plants, and angry people who largely populate these pages. I think it's fine that Russo has provided a home for those who take the side against teachers, but I don't think there's a constructive discourse taking place here. The presumption that we can count on from Russo is that the problem is the union and that divisive, blame-assigning generalizations are an appropriate way to address the problem. That has marginalized this blog, if it hasn't hurt its revenues.


    Why would Prosser Principal Kenneth Leon 'Buzz' Hunter send instructions out to his picketing teachers and staff to take a group photo with all the Prosser students who were marching with and in support of the striking teachers?

  • In reply to district299reader:

    Did the CTU advise striking teachers to refrain from drinking alcohol while picketing?

    Well, if the CTU did, the picketers outside Prosser HS didn't listen. There was even a thermos being passed around between some female teachers while their visibly upset principal started at them from his window. And, one striking teacher even remarked, "Back to the bar!"

  • The CTU's rally has effectively closed a good part of downtown Chicago. Somewhere between 5-10,000 teachers have converged on CPS HQ. Clearly this is a very big start to the strike.

    From the size of the picket line I saw this morning in front of three different northside schools (Disney Magnet, Trumbull, and Chappell Elementary Schools) it seems clear that most of the teachers in these buildings were on the line this morning.

    Rod Estvan

  • In reply to Rodestvan:

    I went to many schools today and there were a sea of red shirts at each school!

  • In reply to Rodestvan:

    @ Rodestvan ....YES!!!!! Woot!!!

  • Wow, did anyone notice or make a connection between the lack of shootings today and the teacher presence in this city. I wonder if part of the solution to the violence in this city is with teachers. The presence and power of teachers is evident today. Perhaps some of this organizing and unity can one day extend to the communities and promote peace. This will only happen when this city values and respects what teachers do and can do.

  • In reply to teach4chicago:

    It's Monday daytime you moron.

  • In reply to district299reader:

    Dear district299reader, I have seen and heard shootings at all hours of the day around my school. I have witnessed young men riding around on those little gang banger bikes holding guns at their sides like they are soldiers in the service all while I am trying to quickly escort my students in from the bus to get them to safety. Yes, safety. Perhaps this is something you don't want to hear however, many, many times the schools are the only safe place for these kids.

  • In reply to Patti Villa:

    Schools "are the only safe place" for these students? Then get back to work! Continue negotiations while not endangering students (your statement) and disrupting the lives of 300,000 students and their parents?

  • In reply to district299reader:

    Like it!

  • In reply to district299reader:

    If we went back to school there is no reason for the board to go back and negotiate. Duh

  • In reply to district299reader:

    Name calling .....always effective when you it nothing else .... (eye roll)

  • In reply to district299reader:

    The next time you respond, please learn how to tell time and then check the news. I won't bother to call you a name. Your comment has already indicated not only your IQ, but your social status as well. At any rate, I still stand firm in my belief in the power that teachers may have in reducing some of the violence that is affecting our children, our streets, and this city. Whether you agree with the strike or not, like teachers or not, you should at least examine all possible solutions to this city's problems.

  • In reply to teach4chicago:

    The get back to work and start solving those problems. We've had some nice cool weather, you won't need the AC.

  • Great article here. http://blogs.babble.com/strollerderby/2012/09/10/what-the-chicago-public-schools-strike-is-really-about-public-education-in-the-u-s/

  • Ed reform is creating a whole industry of standardized tests developers who turn around and become developers of matchy-matchy standardized and shallow curriculum that is also, increasingly, pushing developmentally inappropriate tasks onto younger and younger kids. Ed reform creates a mistrust of teachers; it treats them like inherently lazy professionals who, without some kind of paternal oversight wouldn’t care enough about the kids in their classes to figure out how to get through to them.

  • All Teacher emails were deactivated for part of the day today.

  • More than 50,000 people surround Chicago Board of Education in support of teachers' strike


  • In reply to district299reader:

    Fifty thousand? Ahem...you probably shouldn't count the people who work there and are just passing by.

    Maybe ten thousand.

  • Two thirds of Chicago alderman signed letter urging @ctulocal1 not to strike reports Tribune http://ow.ly/dCawB

  • Mike Antonnucci notes parent/teacher sentiments re strikes shift quickly & lost wages > additional concessions http://ow.ly/dCaPR

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