Come On, Parents!

Last week I jokingly asked on Twitter when the parent protests at the Merchandise Mart were being held, and apparently that's started to happen yesterday and again today. (Imagine what would happen if parents started showing up in large numbers?) Meanwhile, people keep telling me about seeing red shirts dropping off their kids at charter schools, which is either horrible or makes a lot of sense.  (Seen it happen?  Send me a cell phone picture.)  Last but not least, folks on the reform side of the ledger complain that CPS and City Hall have squandered a lot of rhetorical opportunities since Labor Day -- only belatedly bringing up the issue of the legality of some of the items CTU is striking over, and responding softly if at all to the CTU rhetoric about teachers not being responsible for educating kids who are poor.  Apparently there's some sort of event going on later today from New Schools for Chicago to address this.


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  • Parent Rally Update – For Tuesday, Sept 18

    CPSO Parents –

    Thanks to everyone who came out today to share their voice at the Merchandise

    There will be another lunch time rally tomorrow and all CPS Parents, students
    and friends are welcome to attend. Today’s rally was a positive experience, was
    well covered by the press and gave CPS Families an opportunity to voice a
    constructive “Back In School” message. (And, it was a lot better than reading
    blog posts all day).

    WHAT: CPS Parent Rally
    WHY: To Get Kids Back In School
    WHERE: Merchandise Mart – Corner of Orleans & Merch Mart Dr (Near the river)
    WHEN: Tuesday, September 18, Noon-1P
    BRING: A Homemade Sign, Friends, Convictions, Your Voice…

    Here is a link to the Tribune story that ran on Monday:

    Please feel free to share this invite with other CPS Parents and please try to
    attend. Send an e-mail if you need more info.

    Back To School!

  • If I hadn't already seen that "parent protest" video on the Trib's page, I would have thought it was a parody. Either way, it was the funniest thing I've seen all week! Absolutely hilarious!

  • from the parent: I'm a CPS Parent and not part of any group.

    The Parent Rally will take place everyday at noon until the strike is over. I'm hoping that today is the last one but if the strike goes on, we're going to continue voicing a "Back In School" message.

    All CPS Parents, Students & Friends are invited to attend the rally. There is no leadership or membership. The agenda is simply to get our kids back in school.

    Please attend if you can.


  • In reply to Alexander Russo:

    Alex- Your photo has four "parents" in it. That isn't a rally. It isn't even a crowd. Heck, it isn't even a full basketball lineup.

    Hundreds of parents have marched with teachers, particularly in Mt. Greenwood and Beverly and not a word from the media or blogsters like yourself.

    Shouldn't they also march at 125 S. Clark and City Hall?

  • Parents,
    Why don't you write a letter to Rahm during your lunch hour and tell him to give us a good contract. I'll go back to work, when I get a good contract.
    Thanks for your support,

  • Teachers! Stay the course! If the line-items are not right, don't sign off on it. This is bigger than you! The whole country is watching.
    Rahm is full of games, games of lawyers; the rhetorical local news in his pocket; a tool to the 1%. Parents will take sides, regardless. Most of them are on your side. Some are irritated by the inconvenience. (Oh, well. Time to be a parent and troubleshoot again).

    We have nothing but time. Do what is right for you and our children. This has been a long time coming, the iron is already hot. Find a solid contract, the one you want.

    A CPS parent.

  • These parents aren't parents. They are people like the woman who appeared on NBC as a parent spokesperson yesterday: Rebecca Nieves Huffman (Executive Director of DER); or this troubled mom who was in the Trib photo, Laura Mondrowski who happens to be an Executive Vice President at Lurie Investments (which by the way has incredibly close ties to the Pritzkers) sure, you can say they ARE parents...but facts would say otherwise.

  • Headache299
    Strike is suspended
    School is back in session
    I thought Russo might want to know

  • Also starred an account exec for the Wall Street Journal and the family of a downtown lawyer.
    I love how they felt compelled to -
    1. mention that there is no leadership, agenda or organization behind this action, and
    2. instruct the 'spontaneous demontrators' to bring a homemade sign - I guess the ones that look like they were paid for with leftovers from the Education Reform Now campaign looked a little too uniform and slick. If the kids hadn't identified themselves, I'd have called Elite Modeling to see if they'd ordered an allotment of kids to march with them as well :)
    (Pay no attention to the Mayor behind the curtain!)

  • What's so pathetic is the way Russo repeats (promotes) the astroturf event as if it's real. So sad.

  • In reply to someone:

    Apparently by "astroturf" you mean espousing a viewpoint you disagree with. The protest was born out of the CPSObessed blog and one of the parent posters there.

  • That mini-protest by a handful of parents at the Merchandise Mart this week seemed to be an authentic gathering of CPS parents with a certain POV and without any astroturf or Rahm $. They represented some parents, but not all, of course.

  • I believe most of the parents were on the teachers side. The other parents were just angry due to the inconvienence to them having to watch their kids while the strike was on. The teachers were out there on the line NOT getting paid to fight for the students and for their own rights to make a better school day and a better education for the kids. Most parents saw this and supported the teachers. You are always going to get a few people who do not share the same opinion. I will say that in my opinion, I really think a lot of the belly aching about the kids not being in school had more to do with the inconvienence to the parent. Hey, that is life. I mean what do all these parents do when it is spring break or Christmas break or even a holiday? The strike lasted 7 days only! Come on, I know parents who take their kids out of school during the year to go to disneyland for crying out loud!! This happens more than you think too!

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