Track E Is Back!

While you're still at the beach, or home, or wherever, Track E folks are back doing staff development in preparation for the arrival of kids on Monday.  That's right -- kids on Monday.  An anonymous reader writes "All of us TRACK E people started this week, without a contract, and nobody has any answers about longer day.....How about starting a post so that all us TRACK E ppl can share how our schools are dealing with the longer day and the "interim agreement"?" Unknown Teacher asks "Did teachers have to work the 7 hours and were teachers allowed any time to begin getting their rooms together or was it all Principal directed? Where are the two sides with the contract? Everything has gone silent...."


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  • while we're waiting, here's CTU's statement on where thing stand

    Update on Contract Negotiations:
    “Contract is not Settled; …We Continue To Bargain In Good Faith and Members Continue to Prepare For A Work Stoppage”

    CHICAGO – The Chicago Teachers Union is currently in contract negotiations with the Chicago Public Schools and has been since November 2011. While much has been made of the interim agreement in which the Union was able to successfully stop the threat of a 7 hour and 40 minute work day as well as force the District to hire displaced (tenured) teachers in over 500 new positions, the parties have not reached a new contract agreement.

    Educators have been without a contract since June 30.

    Despite the interim agreement, there are many open issues still on the negotiating table in which there has been little movement. Public school educators also remain concerned about the District’s refusal to provide adequate wrap-around services for students severely impacted by poverty and violence in addition to threats of ballooning class sizes. Teachers are concerned about the new evaluation process of which 40 percent of the review is based on how students perform on standardized tests. Job security, health benefits and teacher pay have not been resolved.

    While we continue to bargain in good faith, CTU members continue to prepare for a work stoppage in September when most of them are required to return to the classroom. State law requires a “cooling off period” of 30 days after the issuing of a fact-finder’s report. At the end of this period, or thereafter, the CTU may strike provided it has first given the District a 10-day notice of the intent to strike.
    It should be noted that movement at the bargaining table came only after nearly 10,000 people marched in downtown Chicago in support of a fair contract and more resources for neighborhood schools. This dramatic action was followed by a historic vote, where 90 percent of CTU members voted 98 percent to authorize a strike.

    We recognize strikes are not popular. However, they are the strongest tool public workers have in ensuring their rights are not trampled upon and working conditions are fair and equitable. The CTU is fighting for strong, well-resourced neighborhood schools where students, regardless of their zip code, will have equal access to a high quality education.

  • Thanks Alex for the post and contract info.
    So my Mom tells me (Track E teacher) that her Principal made them work the entire 7 hours (7:45-2:45) and only one day so far has been teacher directed. Their Principal stated they haven't hired ancillary staff yet, so you are it and must work the extended day. I hope somehow this is resolved before we (Track R) go back.....

  • In reply to unknown teacher:

    Nothing wrong here, as long as she received a 45 minutes for lunch each day. There is only a 1/2 day that is teacher directed of ALL these 5 days this week--so she is already ahead. Our area officer made our principal do a packed agenda with only the 1/2 day to prepare. As for ancillary staff--please explain--you mean aides? They do not start until Thursday and lunchroom workers start on Friday. Bus aides start when students come to school,
    As for abuse: It will be REACH that will be the abuse of teachers.

  • In reply to district299reader:

    I helped my Mom finish her classroom today because without me, she wouldn't have finished by Monday. Here's my take.... the Principal is confused about the term "ancillary" and who that includes. She has increased the minutes of all subjects so that students will receive the 7 hr day, but at this time teachers in the building are fulfilling them. She told her staff that NWEA will replace Scantron. My understanding at our school was that it was replacing ISAT but who knows. There is a "new ,new" curriculum, all of the formatted lesson/unit plans are gone. The curriculum is so "new", they do not have books yet.
    For the first 10 weeks bullying will be the theme and teachers must be creative to reflect the "theme" across all subjects.
    I'm 12 yrs in.... and this is the worse I've seen. I can't wait to see how this is rolled out at our track R school, esp since all of our administration will be "new" to the school.

  • Headache299
    Let the 2012-13 teacher abusing begin!

  • “School board member Penny Pritzker’s Hyatt Hotels Corp. is benefiting from a $5.2 million TIF subsidy on 53rd Street – while CPS’s proposed 2013 budget cuts seven schools surrounding the hotel project by $3.4 million, which is roughly the portion CPS is losing from the TIF deal.”

  • I believe ancillary staff includes psychologists, social workers, etc. CPS really cannot get their shit together. Everything is last minute (manana), disorganized, and dysfunctional. If they cannot run a school system they cannot possibly do a great job of educating students. It all trickles down to the teachers and the teachers get blamed. Blame administration and "Human Capital". CPS should be ashamed of themselves. What an embarrassment.

  • I also wanted to add that until parents stand up and strongarm CPS and their ridiculous education practices (teaching to the test) expect no changes.I do not want my child being taught to a test. That means they will not learn how to think critically and be able to analyze. This comes from the parents but should be fostered at school. Learning how to navigate through life means having the ability to problem solve, not how to take a test.

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  • my school administration changed the schedule about 100 times and were moving teachers around after having issued an "organizational list". Also, the principal had a meeting with us to read us a script that she must legally read, except it was a waste of time because we have no contract yet. The actual time students will get for recess is not much, and they're still trying to figure out how to cover teacher's 45 min. Duty free lunch.

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