Toddlers, Charters, & CPS

Local education news from the last few days includes Friday's $10M early childhood education announcement -- seems like a pretty small initiative, though the CPS coordination and charter issues in the Catalyst writeup are interesting -- plus a couple of teaching- and contract-related opinion pieces, and a few other odds and ends (homeless youth, UNO in Rogers Park).


Mayor adds $10 million to public preschool WBEZ: "This investment in early childhood, in pre-K, is essential,” Emanuel said Friday. The money adds to what's already provided by the state and federal governments and through Chicago Public Schools and the city's Department of Family and Support Services.

City pledges to provide more — and better — toddler education programs Sun Times: Five thousand more Chicago toddlers will have access to early childhood education programs by the 2015-16 school year — and the quality of existing programs will be upgraded — thanks to a mayoral plan to be unveiled Friday tailor-made to someday reduce the high school drop-out rate.

Emanuel to pour $10 million into early childhood Chicago Tribune: The money will allow 2000 children to be added to early childhood education programs in the city, which are also funded by Chicago Public Schools and the city's Department of Family and Support Services. The goal is to fund the program for three years.

Emanuel rolls out competitive preschool funding, adds charters to mix Catalyst: Charter schools will be competing against the host of entities that now provide preschool, including for-profit agencies, community groups, Head Start programs and state pre-kindergarten. The city and CPS will make their decisions independently, but will coordinate to ensure that program spots get to neighborhoods that need them most.


'The Irreplaceables' Tribune (editorial): Let's see a new contract that underscores how incredibly valuable these teachers are. A contract that surrounds those great teachers with other great teachers. A contract that ensures principals can offer powerful incentives to keep those teachers where they belong, at the head of the class.

'I have nowhere to teach this fall' Sun-Times (oped): In the two years that I have taught for the Chicago Public Schools as a probationary teacher, I have committed myself to making history come alive for my students. In our unit on the Civil War, my students wrote narratives about slavery, where they ...

Teach for America: What's the Purpose? Huffington Post: It seems that Chicago Public Schools could just fill the gaps with those teachers who have been fired by no fault of their own. Included in these lay offs are highly qualified veteran educators with multiple advanced degrees.


Working together will help region's economy Chicago Sun-Times: Furthermore, the increased coordination between Chicago Public Schools and the Chicago Department of Family & Support Services will allow funding to be better allocated so that high-quality programs in areas with students who have the most need are ...

Some 3000 Homeless Youth Attend Chicago's Public Schools: The number of homeless youth walking the halls and attending classes in the Chicago Public Schools has hovered around 3000 since CPS began counting ...

Despite one compromise, CPS teachers turn up the heat on school ... Teachers listen to speakers at a rally Wednesday outside Chicago Public Schools headquarters. The teachers are seeking more money for neighborhood ...

Does Rogers Park need a new charter school? CMW:  Rogers Park has six elementary schools, he said.  They have a range of performance levels, but all “have a good mix of students,” dedicated teachers, and parents  who are involved in trying to garner more resources for their schools.  And all are seeing enrollment decline.


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  • Obama 2007:
    "If American workers are being denied their right to organize and collectively bargain when I’m in the White House, I’ll put on a put on a comfortable pair of shoes myself. I’ll walk on that picket line with you as president of the United States. The workers deserve to know that someone's standing with them.”

    Has anyone seen Obama walking any picket line since he took office?

    And remember whopper: “I won’t wait ten years to raise the minimum wage, I’ll raise it, to keep pace, every single year”

    Minimum Wage in Illinois:
    08-09: $7.75
    09-10: $8.00
    10-12: $8.25

  • In reply to district299reader:

    The federal minimum wage--the only one Obama has any power to do something about--has been $7.25 since July 2009.

    Personally, I don't care for minimum wage laws. To be truly effective for workers, they would have to be about double what they are now. Unfortunately, that would totally wipe out jobs for unskilled workers (and even many skilled workers), as well as raise prices across the board for consumers. I don't see an upside in any of that.

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