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Today's news -- much of which I tweeted and posted in comments last night:  Conflict resolution training for CPS security staff.  Something about Karen Lewis declining to appear with Randi Weingarten.  Oped for a good contract (Sun Times).  Editorial for the parent trigger (Tribune). Research on the old Vallas algebra for all program.  CPS security staff undergoing new training that focuses on conflict resolution Fox:  Chicago Public Schools security staff members were back in school this summer, for a three-day training session that focused on diffusing conflict before it starts.

Karen Lewis failed to go to the podium when Weingarten called her up Democratic Underground: Only the Chicago delegation actively (but silently) protested, wearing Chicago Teachers Union red shirts and holding up "Stop Race To The Top" signs.

GREAT TEACHERS DESERVE FAIR DEAL Chicago Sun-Times (oped): I also once didn't understand the need for membership in the Chicago Teachers Union. I now fully respect the value of CTU, serving as a school union delegate.

A parent revolution Chicago Tribune (editorial): We haven't heard Emanuel talk much about this lately. He's had his hands full playing defense in negotiations over a new Chicago Teachers Union contract.

Algebra-for-All Policy Harmed High-Achievers, Study Finds Education Week: The research looked at changes in math scores in a set of Chicago public schools after the district enacted a policy in 1997 requiring all 9th graders to take Algebra I.

The King of Rogers Park Tim Furman: Rangel is no fan of an elected, representative school board, having done very well with the mayor and the appointed board, although it's not entirely clear to me that he would lose out if every voter had a vote in a school board election.

Weeks in review Eric Zorn: Chicago Newsroom CAN TV: Host Ken Davis is joined by Sarah Karp (Catalyst Chicago) and Journalist / Blogger, Charlie Meyerson. They discuss state pension reform, CPS and CTU contract negotiations, consideration of an elected school board, and Mayor Emanuel’s initiatives to curb violence.

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