Rahm's Big Speech

In case you weren't there or didn't hear about it, here's the NewSchools Venture Fund speech from May where Rahm talked about making Chicago a big place for charters and other kinds of education innovations, where he talked about the short school day in Chicago, and where he ducked the voucher question, and where... well, watch it.  This is before everything blew up on the contract front, but after the rumor went around that JCB was going to be replaced. He was still using his "I know what the teachers got... the politicians got..." Running time (including Q and A, I assume): 1:16:00

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  • Look for CEO JC Brizard to take a leave of absence from CPS. P.S.- Stay tuned.

  • Good news. We need another CEO. We've only had 4 of them in the last 3 years.

    Duncan 'til 2009.
    Huberman in 2009.
    Mazany in 2010.
    Brizard in 2011.
    Who's next in 2012?

    It's about time this district shook things up a bit! Oh. Wait....

  • I've noticed Jean-Fraud has been absent from "Schools on the Line" and his media presence has decreased significantly. What, he can't take the heat? Maybe he actually has a small amount of pride and integrity? Who takes over in his absence? Some random MBA schmuck? Ed Klunk? Dr. Cheatham? Diane Ravitch? Rod Estvan? George Schmidt?

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    CEO Klunk. Bwahahahaha...

  • Anymore news on this?

  • ??!!
    Really! oh wow....Since I've been on this blog, RP has always had the info before it hits the news...

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    onomonopia ftw

  • Doesn't sound like there's going to be much room in the future for neighborhood schools, at least at the high school level.
    Talk about an anti-union crowd. Rahm loves you guys compared to that group.
    From a policy perspective I agree with just about everything he says. But how much unnecessary damage will the executing these changes cause?
    As an employer of CPS grads, I believe the the approach to city colleges is correct. There's no benefit to students to pretend that these schools offer university degrees. The entering students are just too far behind to receive a full college education.
    I've grown fond of smart, inarticulate Chicago mayors. Xian's just not old enough to have developed the habit of automatically translating mayor-speak into coherent english.

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    In reply to Donn:

    No, I speak cronyese, I just don't believe in its tenets.

  • All of us TRACK E people started this week, without a contract, and nobody has any answers about longer day.....

    How about starting a post so that all us TRACK E ppl can share how our schools are dealing with the longer day and the "interim agreement".

  • In reply to district299reader:

    I've been curious about the Track E teachers all week, but noticed there was never a post (how strange). A few questions I had were...did teachers have to work the 7 hours and were teachers allowed any time to begin getting their rooms together or was it all Principal directed? Where are the two sides with the contract? Everything has gone silent....

  • great idea -- i'll do that now -- thanks!

  • here's a new post about Track E http://ow.ly/cQGTi -- i hope teachers and principals will write in about how it's been going so far

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