Linking Housing And Schools

This new Atlantic Magazine story by Sarah Garland raises the possibility that mixed-income housing and school integration can be pursued at the same time, at least at a small scale, using Atlanta's Charles Drew Elementary, located in a once-rough neighborhood which now  attracts a mix of families and the approach is being emulated in Indianapolis, Galveston, and New Orleans.  Of course, we all know that the destruction of public housing in Chicago hasn't gone so well, over all, and I don't know if there have been any "Purpose Built Communities" (the name for the approach) tried here.  Some will be put off by the fact that Drew is a charter, and that Warren Buffett is a supporter.  Read this Firedoglake blog entry for this point of view, and some Chicago connections.  But there's also a connection to the Obama Neighborhood Choice effort.  Could something like this happen here?  Is it already, for better or worse?  Or should we all just give up on school integration and accept things the way they are, waiting for district school systems to right themselves.




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