Here Comes Urban Alliance

Slowly but surely the original Duncan / Obama education team is disbanding.  Already, Mike Lach and Charlie Brown have left. There may have been others, and surely will be more once the election passes. Today's news is that Sandra Abrevaya -- Duncan co-press secretary with Justin Hamilton who in April 2011 left USDE to become Associate Communications Director at the White House -- is heading to Chicago to help with the expansion of Urban Alliance, a DC and Baltimore program which "empowers under-resourced youth to aspire, work and succeed through paid internships, formal training, and mentorship." Cross-posted from TWIE.


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  • The Urban Alliance application asks about medication the student is taking, but doesn't seem to ask about any disability. Seems like "under resourced" is going to mean something specific, but not the disabled teen. That sucks.

  • Reader: Sorry I just came across this comment. We welcome students with disabilities and, as a youth program, need to ask about medications for legal reasons when youth are in our care. Please feel free to call us if you have specific questions about the program. Our Chicago number is on both the application and the website.

  • Headache299
    Some interesting thoughts on dogma, limits of debate, herd mentality, the two party system, election fraud, education and a bunch more

    Culture in Decline: What Democracy? Episode #1 by Peter Joseph

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