First Day For Track E Kids

It's the first day back to school for Track E schools, and there's lots of news coverage about that.  Plus CPS reached a deal with the engineers, and that awful story about the Field Elementary teacher who apparently beat his dog to death.  Last but not least, Catalyst has coverage of Friday's school closing hearing about Dyett, and Peter Cunningham (Duncan communications guy) was there listening in.


New school year to begin in uncertain times Tribune: Students in 243 Chicago public schools, roughly a third of the district, return to the classroom Monday at a time of transformation and uncertainty.

New school year features longer day, recess, no teachers contract WBEZ: It’s back to school today for about one-third of Chicago Public Schools students, more than 115,000 kids.

Classes resume at Track E schools amid strike threat ABC: "For the first time in Chicago Public Schools history, we're going to have a full school day and full school year to equal the potential of our children. We're no longer going to shortchange them," said Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, who echoed the hopes for the new school year at Bud Billiken Parade over the weekend.


Third schools union reaches pact with CPS Chicago Sun-Times: The latest contract may open some new jobs to the engineers union in that the union will be allowed to present proposals to maintain new CPS buildings.

Union tells CPS teachers to be ready for strike ABC7Chicago: The Chicago Teachers Union president says teachers need to be prepared for a strike. The weekend before classes start at year-round schools, Karen Lewis told the Chicago Sun-Times many big issues remain on the ...


Derek Fierro, Chicago Public School Teacher, Charged With Beating Rescue ... Huffington Post: A Chicago Public Schools spokesman said the Office of the Inspector General is investigating the allegations. Lisa Klotnia, founder of the Chicago Canine Rescue Foundation, which placed the dog with Fierro, told the Chicago Sun-Times they were stunned. ALSO:  The grow house next door Reader: Two teachers. Two hundred marijuana plants. Two years in court.


Education Department official hears Dyett complaints Catalyst: In July, local activists, parents and students, joined with 14 other cities that are also experiencing school closings, to file civil right complaints and ask for a moratorium on these actions. Officials from the Education Department are investigating the complaints and agreed to a listening tour, called a Grassroots Impact Tour, in all the cities involved. However, they would not agree to issue a moratorium.

Kadner: Chico says state dead last in support for education Southtown Star: Gery Chico was telling me how Illinois now ranks dead last, 50th out of 50 states, in the share it pays for public education. Chico is now promoting Gov. Pat Quinn’s plan to shift pension funding for downstate and suburban teachers from the state treasury to local school districts.

Teacher vs. student: An ancient relationship gets turned on its head WBEZ: Here’s what we know. Soon-to-be High School senior Bowen Bethards, through his mom Lauren, has filed a Federal lawsuit against the Albany, CA, school district, the superintendent, the Albany High Principal, and his former chemistry teacher, for upwards of $10,000 due to the C+ grade she gave him in chemistry when he was a sophomore.




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  • Question: how does the southside Ag school get to have two assistant principals? I though times were tough. I wish I knew someone who knows the story. Anyone?

  • some first day back footage, via huffingtonpost

  • Theresa Plascencia, Westside Network Chief, and team walked through our school. She must be one of the most vapid, empty-headed human beings to walk the face of the earth. How does the principal from Farragut become the person to tell Whitney Young, or anybody else, really, how to educate children? I haven't had contact with her until today, and I am mighty disappointed. Wow.

  • Excellent question. How can a former Farragut principal become the boss of Whitney Young and other high performing schools? Easy answer. I heard she was a friend (drinking buddy) of Noemi Donoso. There's no other reason I can think of.

  • Chicago Ready To Learn! - Chicago's new feast-or-famine child care grant opportunity | The Greater Good

  • Brizard ‘optimistic’ on deal with teachers ‘before Labor Day’ - Chicago Sun-Times

  • I have never heard an intelligent statement come from Plascencia. From hearing her speak, she just doesn't seem to know much about teaching.

    BTW, anyone notice that Social Justice's principal was removed and replaced by a former Farragut employee? The SoJo principal that was hired last spring was never given a contract and kept around as interim. Is this a standard thing to do, hire someone as interim, rather than sign them to a contract. If so, no wonder no one wants to work as a principal in Chicago. Are there any other new principals who are being kept as interim?

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