Young folks -- including some current and former CPS students -- are lining up at Navy Pier for the deportation deferral program.  CPS teacher Ray Salazar has some of the details. Plus:  Oak Park is going IB for its middle schools.  Klonsky, CPSObsessed (she's back!) and Zorn have things to say about longer day, the contract talks, etc.   Deferred action for young people begins August 15  Ray Salazar (The White Rhino): If we believe in the American Dream, we need to believe in the partial immigration reform that President Obama passed earlier this summer.

Oak Park middle schools to adopt international curriculum WBEZ: Emanuel is pushing for an increase in IB at Chicago Public Schools. There are 12 high schools in Chicago that have an IB program and the mayor plans to add more. Earlier this summer he announced that Senn High School, Clemente High School and the ...

Eric Zorn article on the longer day cpsobsessed: Like Karen Lewis, who is mentioned at the end of the article, I tend to think “it’ll all work out.”  Eric seems more skeptical and he’s compiled some numbers to make his case, which I love.

A strike is avoidable if Rahm "finds" the money Mike Klonsky:>Rahm/Brizard have already folded in their attempt to force CPS teachers to work a longer day and year without additional pay. But a settlement in contract negotiations is still problematic and a teachers strike is still possible, especially if Rahm keeps claiming that there's no money for teacher pay increases.

Emanuel touts ‘real good progress’ in talks with unions on pension crisis Sun Times: Mayor Rahm Emanuel said Tuesday he’s making “real good progress” with union leaders whose collaboration he needs to solve the city’s $25 billion pension crisis, and he prodded the Illinois General Assembly to do the same at the state level at a special session this week.

Best Public Schools Chicago Mag: Despite the possibility of a teachers’ strike and other strains on area public schools, the best ones still deliver a terrific education. But which ones are the best? And if they’re within CPS, how do you get your kids into them?


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  • An Inner-City School With Gallery-Like Halls : NPR ow.ly/cZcvP About Dixon School from over the weekend

  • I appreciate the shout out.

  • Headache299
    Teachers Rock, August 17 on CBS, presented by Walmart and Won’t Back Down

    Teachers (from TFA, at least) Rock (the rest need to be fired) Concert!
    by Gary Rubinstein


  • Headache299
    Parents Give “Won’t Back Down” Movie Trailer A Thumbs-Down


  • Headache299
    “Produced by Walden Median, owned by conservative mogul Philip Anschutz, a major donor to anti-gay, creationist and other right-wing causes. Walden Media was the co-producer of the 2010 anti-public-education pseudo-documentary, Waiting for Superman.”


  • Headache299
    Barbara Miner explores the funding for Waiting for Superman


    Fact Checking Won’t Back Down Parent Trigger Propaganda flick
    By Caroline Grannan


    Won’t Back Down highlights parent trigger law for schools

    Facts about parent trigger

  • I am not a liberal, nor am I a tea Party zealot. I consider myself a Conservative.
    I cannot stand the Democratic party of Illinois. That said The Dream Act
    is in the best interest of the United States.
    Make no mistake about the ultimate goals of this act it is a blueprint for citizenship.
    A legal method to keep the best brains right here in America and that is as it should be.
    During a conversation with my schools valedictorian several years ago she became
    Very upset about her future . Seems her parents brought her to Chicago when she was Six months old from their native Mexico. She was an illegal alien. She was actually concerned
    that during her speech the INS might send her home. Instead of the scholarships lesser
    students were getting she had to hide in a poe dunk Junior College because of her status.
    Not any more after yesterday she can come out of the fuzzy world she was sentenced to by her parents.
    After getting off the Mayflower centuries ago I wonder if my Wife’s Gx8 Uncle ever thought his niece would marry a guy whose Grandmother got off the boat from County Westmeath in 1900 ? Welcome aboard kids the new world awaits you.

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