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Today's education news:  Chicago is selling school buildings.  The summer violence is appalling. Eric Zorn is mad at Joe Moore about the elected school board resolution.  The start of school is fast approaching (or already started for some kids and teachers).  South Loop parents might want to use Jones.  

Brizard To Call Parents Personally To Remind Them Of First Day Of School CBS:  If you’re the parent of a Chicago Public Schools student, you might just get a personal call from executive officer Jean-Claude Brizard.

Some Chicago charter schools back in session ABCL: Chicago Public Schools is in the midst of working out its plans for a longer school day as students plan to head back to school after Labor Day at the neighborhood schools. The mayor and the CEO of CPS will be at LEARN Hunter Perkins Campus on the ..

CPS students protest against gun violence Sun-Times:  The group, donning red shirts and signs, hoped to get the attention of public officials and others as they marched escorted by police about a half-mile from the Thompson Center, 100 W. Randolph, to the Chicago Public School headquarters at 125 S. Clark.

CPS putting surplus buildings up for sale Chicago Sun-Times: While retailers are rolling out back-to-school sales, the Chicago Public Schools are planning a sale, too, except that it's not about backpacks and blue jeans. It's about real estate. CPS wants to get rid of surplus property.

Teacher union boss bends to school reform winds Reuters: But the resolution specifically cited five cities, including Chicago, the nation's third-largest public school system, where teachers represented by the Chicago Teachers Union (CTU) have been involved in bitter contract talks with Mayor Rahm Emanuel.

'Presto Joe' makes more than just a school-reform idea vanish Chicago Tribune (Zorn): With one metaphorical, magical swing of his gavel, Ald. Joe Moore, 49th, recently turned 96 hours into 48 hours and — zim zalla bim! — made a potential embarrassment for Mayor Rahm Emanuel disappear.

For the Record: Elected School Board Catalyst:  It is a common misconception that the Chicago mayor acquired the authority to appoint the School Board in 1995. In fact, in Chicago, the mayor has always appointed the School Board, at least during the lifetime of anyone now living.

The future of LeClaire Courts Chicago Reporter: The parents said they'd been asking for the Chicago Public Schools to do something with the building for years, but instead, they waited and wanted to demolish it because they claimed it was in extensive disrepair.

South Loop community interested in using Jones building for a new High School CPSObsessed:  I learned on Alderman Bob Fioretti’s Twitter feed that there’s a new group in the south Loop working to try to establish a new neighborhood high school for kids living in and near the south Loop, to be housed in the current Jones College Prep building. JCP is getting a new facility nearby, which will be completed and ready for that school’s selectively enrolled freshmen in fall 2013.

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  • In relation to CPS selling off property as discussed in the Sun Times article that Alexander linked, I fully support CPS in this move. I am aware that there will be community members who fear that there could be scams in relation to these sales and that is always possible in this town. But CPS has the power of eminent domain, meaning CPS has the right to seize a citizen's private property, expropriate property, or seize a citizen's rights in property with due monetary compensation, but without the owner's consent.

    This vast power makes holding on to property realtively pointless unless it has some type of investment value and is gaining rather than losing value.

    The Reuters article on the internal politics of the AFT was very interesting and I am glad Alexander posted the link. In addition to this article I would also recommend that people read Substance's coverage of the AFT convention.

    Rod Estvan

  • Everyone, watch for the venture capitalist to buy these buildings and lease or give them to charter schools! P.S.- Remember, the venture capitalist want to buy 100 empty CPS building over the few years. This means more school closings, consolidations and phase outs of Chicago Public Schools.

  • Or possibly the venture capitalist will give it to a private school. The issue of privitization can not be dealt with by having CPS sit on property its not using. CPS if it had the money also could use eminent domain to purchase property in the city and then turn it over to a charter school for that matter if it decided to.

    The question of privitization and school closures is fundamentally a political question. The Mayor was elected by the public knowing full well, if they cared to learn what his positions were, that he supported charter schools and wanted more of them in Chicago. The people of Chicago are getting what they voted for, all be it right or wrong.

    I did not vote for the Mayor in good part for exactly that reason, but the vast majority who voted did vote for him. In fact the CTU, SEIU, and AFSCME Council 31 did not support any candidate for Mayor even though the unions knew Emanuel's position on charter expansion and public sector privitization when he was running.

    The TeamstersJoint Council No. 25 , plumbers, pipefitters, bricklayers, and one of the Ironworkers locals backed Rahm Emanuel as I recall. The Chicago Fraternal Order of Police, Operating Engineers Local 150, endorsed Gery Chico. I was inclined to vote for Miguel del Valle, but as the election approached realized doing so was pointless and simply did not vote for Mayor.

    Rod Estvan

  • In reply to Rodestvan:

    dear rod

    where did you get this idea;

    "But the vast majority who voted did vote for him".
    Rahm got 54% of the 44% who bothered to vote.
    That means 44 of every potential 100 voters cast a ballot.
    56 voters stayed home. Of the 44 people who did vote
    24 went for Rahm. Looking at it a different way 24 out of
    every 100 voters backed him.76 did not.
    He did win,but his support was no mandate.

  • In reply to rbusch:

    Those who did not vote, including myself, did not vote for whatever reason. When a candidate gets 54% in a three way race, he clearly got the vast majority.

    The Mayor as candidate made it clear to the public he was going to change the scope of the public sector and carry out significant reductions in the level of public sector enployment. I think many of us did not agree with him, but he is doing what he said he was going to do.

    Did the public understand the implications of these polices both long term and short term, I doubt it. The public did like the unspoken under current that the Mayor as candidate put forward which was clearly that Mayor Daley had packed the house with his supporters (including unionized workers) and now that he was leaving it was time to clean the house. Three of the major public sector unions who were faced with the reality of his proposed reductions did not oppose the Mayor. Why? Because they knew he was going to win and the train had already left the station.

    Now in light of the reality of our Mayor's policies maybe the majority of the public will come to believe Mayor Emanuel is bending the stick too far. Our Mayor is a very astute politican and he will measure public sentiment each step of the way.

    Rod Estvan

  • In reply to Rodestvan:

    Dear Rod

    I must disagree.He did get 54%in a three way race.
    But 54% of the 44% who voted. he should realize that is no fact it seems like the three unions you speak
    of constituted his entire union vote in this union town.

  • In reply to rbusch:

    That argument could be used to discredit any leader in a low-turnout democracy. Face it, topping 50% in a three-way (or more) race is more than a landslide.

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to district299reader:

    I think he should have had to get 75%+ of the total registered voters.

    Otherwise, we would just pick a name out of a giant hat.

  • In reply to district299reader:

    Dear d299
    This is about reality, Rahm is mayor that is a fact. Personally I Think the word Leader has yet to be determined. Far from any Desire to discredit anyone I was merely pointing out a political fact of life.His election by 24% of eligible voters is not a mandate or a show of popularity. Indeed over half the voters didn’t even
    vote. I am sure he is well aware of this and governs his actions accordingly. With a quarter of his tenure already history time is running out for him to bring about the changes he has promised
    in order to sway that 56% of non voters to vote for him.
    One day Chicago announces that Motorola is leaving Libertyville for the Merchandise Mart. But on that same day Drudge is Announcing Chicago is the most dangerous city in the WORLD.Perhaps the CTU’s 90% yes vote is a better gauge of his leadership

  • In reply to rbusch:

    I think you mis-judge the sampling effect. The voters that did vote probably are pretty good indicator of overall support.

  • In reply to Rodestvan:

    Dear Rod, I didn't vote for Rahm Emanuel for mayor also!

  • Brizard: Many Parents Pleased With Longer School Day « CBS Chicago

  • Gazette Chicago » Montefiore School to remain open

  • It's not just Republicans who want Obama to pay some attention to the vilolence in Chicago @carolmarin #5bb

  • "To make democracy work, we must be a nation of participants, not simply observers. One who does not vote has no right to complain." - Louis L'Amour

    "Bad officials are elected by good citizens who do not vote." - Andrew Lack

    If we don't vote for mayor, what makes you think we're going to vote for an elected board?

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to LTwain:

    The spring of everrenewing hope?

  • It's lonely at the top. If no one was happy with the mayor, then he's probably LEADING vs. following opinion polls. You have to give a pol credit for that even if Rahm is as infuriating as someone like Gov. Scott Walker.

  • CPS Putting $15 Million in Surplus Property Up for Sale: 23 properties, including former school buildings and vacant lots, will be put on the market. Chicago Public Schools (CPS) today posted a Request for Proposals (RFP) seeking brokers who will work with the District to sell 23 surplus properties and generate $15 million in new revenue. These properties are located throughout the city and include vacant schools, parking lots, land and office buildings.

  • While on the subject of voting for Rahm, tough question:
    Would Chicagoans have voted for Emanuel had information concerning his genealogy been the headline?

    From Veterans Today, January 27th, 2011
    “Rahm Emanuel’s Father, Benjamin, Specialized in Terrorist Bus Bombings in Palestine”’s-father-specialized-in-bus-bombings-in-palestine/

    or, “Rahm Emanuel’s Dirty Secret” at

    Or, “Media Soft-Pedals Rahm Emanuel’s Father’s Terrorist Roots” at

    And just as interesting, “Wikipedia deletes Benjamin Emanuel entry” at

  • In reply to district299reader:

    Yeah, real credible source. It has a whole section on 9/11 being a hoax.

  • In reply to district299reader:

    Good point!
    Is Time a credible source:

  • In reply to district299reader:

    It is more credible, and it shows: "Rahm Emanuel is his own man, with an identity distinct from his father’s. He is not responsible for the actions or opinions of Benjamin Emanuel."

  • In reply to district299reader:

    You have to admit the fact that his father is considered a terrorist by the UK and this not being common knowledge is pretty weird.

    His whole "greasing wheels" thing in Israel during Desert Storm is odd as well.

    Add to that his scummy Hollywood brother and you have quite a shady family.

    Don't shoot any of this down as "conspiracy theories" either.

  • In reply to district299reader:

    Is the AmericanFreePress a credible source?

  • In reply to district299reader:

    What was that noise?

    April 19, 1775 twenty miles outside of Boston.

    “By the bridge that arched the flood their flags to April
    Breeze unfurled here once embattled farmers stood
    And fired the shot heard around the world”
    Every Minute man was a terrorist.

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