Set Big Goals, Says Rhee

Love her or hate her, you might want to know that last Sunday, Michelle Rhee was on NBC's Meet The Press, talking about the inclination towards silver bullet solutions (though she might be accused of favoring a handful of them) and the lack of ambitious education goal-setting by the Presidential candidates.

Rhee's choice for a big goal we should be hearing about more from Obama and Romney? Cutting the dropout rate in half.  There's also an Olympics themed ad.


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  • Headache299
    Alex, thank you for posting this Michelle Rhee Meet The Press Interview. The entire episode runs 20:05 min. Scroll to 06:43; Michelle Rhee actually says, “We are never going to be able to fix this countries’ economy in the long run, until we fucks - fix the education system”

  • In reply to district299reader:

    Ms. Rehee did actually say what Headache 299 states, and I am glad it wasn't me doing that on national TV. But her underlying arguement is really the issue and it I think is wrong.

    Education is not the cure for the US economy. I think that Lawrence Mishel from the Economic Policy Institute gets this right in his paper (2011) titled "Education is Not the Cure for High Unemployment or for Income Inequality," which can be downloaded at

    One problem common among educators on both the right and the left is that there is an assumption that more and more investments in education makes the US economy more competitive and will get us out of the economic decline we are currently in.

    Mishel writes: "The challenge we face with high and persistent unemployment exceeding 9% is not better
    education and training for those currently unemployed. Rather, we need more jobs. Moreover, the reason we have seen a huge increase in wage and income inequality over the last 30 years is not a shortfall in the skills and education of the workforce. Workers face a wage deficit much more than a skills deficit.” Mishel does not argue that our nation should be cutting educational expenditures, but he clearly does not believe that a school district like Chicago getting more low income kids accepted into college will do much at all to help either our city's economy or the nation's economy. In fact he believes given the current situation it will just lower the average wage of college graduates.

    Mishel does not paint a happy picture for the future unless workers in our nation get paid more and can buy more products.

    Rod Estvan

  • In reply to Rodestvan:

    Vern Brimley, Jr. and Rulon R. Garfield note that
    “Educational expenditures, particularly those for teachers and administrative salaries (75 to 80 percent of the total education spending of current expenditures), quickly finds their way back into the private economy through the normal flow in the economic system. Thus, their withdrawal from the private sector in the form of taxes paid, their passage into and through the public sector via the payroll, and their return to the sector of their beginnings usually form a cycle that is operative in such a short period of time that the original withdrawal effect on the economy is minimal”

  • In reply to Rodestvan:

    In other words, what Lawrence Mishel is basically saying is that policy is the tool by which the wealthy hoard all the cash; blaming inequality and joblessness on educational ‘structural’ deficits is the pretext that corporate political power is using to explain and justify why it is that 1 percent of Americans have collected 56 percent of all the income.

  • OMG

    She did say that.

  • From Mike Klonsky’s SmallTalk Blog
    Meet Todd Babbitz, Rahm’s new Chief Transformation Officer.

  • fb_avatar

    So while the AFT is having its national convention with multiple speakers and presenters on public education and the need to rebuild teachers unions this site posts a weak old michele rhee pr stunt. No more needs to be said.

  • Dear John
    If there was anything that incensed us it was that speech
    Mr Edelman gave last year at the Aspen institute.
    When that pimp shit explained how SB7 got passed it
    Lit the fuse that exploded in the Boards face.
    Personally listening to speakers at the AFT convention
    Is worth the effort. But listening to Ms. Rhee say:
    ““We are never going to be able to fix this countries’ economy in the long run, until we fucks - fix the education system”
    Demonstrates the real agenda of people of her ilk.
    “ Fuck the education system” is priceless

  • Headache299
    While other blogs such as Klonsky’s SmallTalk are committed to reporting current and relevant updates regarding national and local developments in public education, the inclination of the “Inside Scoop” is to headline the leaders of fact distortion.

    To many of his readers, it is becoming apparent that the real Inside Scoop is that the Blogmaster seems deeply committed to Michelle Rhee’s proposition “fuck the education system”

  • In reply to district299reader:

    I disagree. I think Russo is committed to the proposition "blogging is part of my career and income as a 'journalist'".

    Klonsky does not blog to make money. Russo does. Different purposes = different posts. If Russo doesn't piss off enough educators to attract incensed readers who keep falling into his trap then he is not successful.

    This strategy is typical of mainstream media bloggers. The more controversial they are to their readership the more readers they get the more money they make.

    The solution is to not read this blog anymore.

  • In reply to district299reader:

    I did not use the word ‘inclination’ as state of human motivation or intention, but as a tendency to lean in an ideological direction.

    For sure I’ll go along with at least one of your arguments; where lies the blog masters commitments - his career. I would also likely agree that Klonsky blogs for a different purpose - like ethical commitment.

    However, I’m not exactly sure if one should boycott a web site just because you disagree with the content. If the blog is open, counterarguments can be freely expressed

    So, I’m not sure if drawing the window curtain shut is a very neat strategy for forcing street corner hustlers to sell their junk elsewhere….

    On the other hand, if boycotting the site would reduce my monthly Comcast statement, I probably would.

  • Headache299
    Why the United States Is Destroying Its Education System

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