Ray ES Marquee

Is this for real?  Did Aeschylus really say that?  Please confirm -- or send information about other things you've seen or snapped from CPS school marquees (or whatever these things are called).

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  • Ha. Gotta love those HP kids.

  • The closest I could find (on 4 different quote sites) was -
    'I'm not afraid of storms, for I'm learning to sail my ship.'

    He also said,
    In war, truth is the first casualty.
    Time as he grows old teaches all things (Prometheus Bound)
    It is in the character of very few men to honor without envy a friend who has prospered (Agamemnon)

  • Aaack! The above quote was on the marquee for about a month.....Yesterday I was driving by and saw the marquee and it was all I could do not to hop the fence then and there to change it but I was unable to stop just then. I hope someone has by now!

  • jim warren has a pic of the other side of the marquee, which has the correct quote, and a little bit of context


  • This link contained no context, just smarmy and unsubstantiated speculation (wow, if it's an attorney from Hyde Park gossiping, it must be true). I for one am weary of so-called journalists who, in their pious claims at even-handedness, present Rahm's side as 'they want all this money, but of course that's crazy because there isn't any'.
    The biggest way for people to start sensing they're being fleeced is when people keep crying poor while they are wasting money on garbage. Chicago teachers have witnessed firsthand how their classrooms and programs and entire schools are passed over for needed supplies, equipment and repairs while the Board wastes money on charter schools, then has to spend MORE money to cover up the fact that they are not producing the results they claim (new commercial on radio this morning, with the faux neck-action actresses bemoaning the fact that all poor Rahm is trying to do is lengthen the school day, while it is teachers who refuse to stay at the bargaining table), when most teachers and principals know that education as charter schools run and are funded has about as much educational integrity as milk in the Chinese milk scandal has nutrients.

  • Huffington Post calls it a"Hilarious Interpretation Of Famous Quote" http://ow.ly/cslx4 -- thanks to the eagle eyed tipster who sent the photo in originally

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