CPS Clarifies Re Address Req's

Here's what I got from CPS about address verification, following up on the news that the principal at Lincoln Elementary (and perhaps other schools) had sent out a letter to parents notifying them about the school's address verification procedures, which may reassure, enrage, or perhaps bore you:"CPS policy is clear that schools with neighborhood boundaries generally are to be attended by students who live within those boundaries.  Experiencing an overcrowding issue, the Lincoln principal, sent a communication home to parents to reiterate this requirement.  This step should help to ensure that there will be seats available for eligible students and allow the principal to best manage Lincoln's enrollment.

"Schools are allowed to request proof of address. Schools that have reason to believe there is a large fraudulent enrollment problem, also are entitled to conduct home visits for ALL students enrolled to verify addresses.

"Centrally, CPS does not keep track of how many schools send letters home on this topic.  We do know, however that schools have asked current parents to re submit their addresses in subsequent years of enrollment to try to keep their records accurate (this helps to identify those students who may no longer live within the schools’ boundaries.)   Additionally, all schools require parents to update the “in case of emergency form” every year and this form does ask for address information."

A couple of days ago, some of you thought it was about time schools like Lincoln got serious about address verification.  Others thought that Lincoln was going too far.  What do you think about the guidelines CPS lays out here, which include a provision allowing for home visits?  Sounds like CPS is OK with what Lincoln has done, though I don't think anyone there is talking about doing home visits (or at least they didn't say anything about that to me.)


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  • This is hilarious—CPS Law tells principals NOT to visit homes for this purpose. Who gets to make the visits?
    Will Lincoln deputize parents to do this? Do they get to enter the home to see if there's children's clothing in the closets and juice boxes in refrigerator?
    CPS is taking you for a fool AR.

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