Civic Federation: Closing Time!

On this WTTW Chicago Tonight segment, Paris Schutz tells us that the Civic Federation is concerned both about the contract negotiations but also the overall budget -- that CPS needs to downsize the number of schools it runs like some other big districts (Detroit, NOLA, Boston) have done. CPS and CTU are against, obviously.



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  • The Civic Federation supported Renaissance 2010 and the expansion of CPS school portfolio-

    "The Civic Federation applauds the leadership of the Chicago Public Schools, both the Chicago Board of Education and CEO Arne Duncan, for continuing the District’s commitment to providing greater opportunities for students and parents by expanding the numbers of schools of choice."

    Google it or find the link to the pdf here-

    CPS listens to every group of know-it-alls besides the people most intimately familiar with the needs of students- their teachers.

  • In reply to district299reader:

    Civic Federation? WTF! They have no credibility!! What makes these corporate pompous arrogant types think they can say what is best for the students of Chicago's Public Schools! How can the Civic Federation applaud the failure of Mayoral Control!!! Nuff said!

  • CPS gives public 30 minutes

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