Charter Schools & Certification

A couple of days ago we were talking about charter school waiting lists, and INCS sent me this January 2012 ISBE report (PDF) as evidence of the amount of demand. What jumped out at me, however, besides the pretty map, was reading about how the 50 percent/75 percent certified requirement is playing out in the charter sector. As you can see in section 3.2, while charters make use of the ability to hire uncertified or alt cert teachers (Chicago Talent, EPIC, and Namaste are mentioned), and a few schools might have fallen below the threshold in previous years, the trend is towards certified staff. That could mean two things, of course -- that charters prefer certified teachers, or that the definition of certified is loose.



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  • Having subbed at EPIC, I can say it didn't seem any better than your usual CPS neighborhood high school, maybe in some ways worse. Not sure if not having all certified teachers has anything to do with that or not.

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