Brizard's Initial Response

In addition to Jackson Potter footage, Fox has some quotes and video from JCB on the fact finder's report, including this one:  "Look at what happened here at Fiske Elementary, you know we say the full school day is a necessary condition, but not sufficient, it's one of the conditions for success," Brizard said. "The full school day adds to the toolbox that teachers have, to take that away from kids really is non-negotiable.

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    The other "pioneer" schools either saw scores stay the same or drop. Fiske's scores only went up by 11.8% in 2012. They increased by 16% in 2004, 23% in 2006, and 15% in 2010.

  • Headache299
    Not surprisingly, Mr. Russo posted Mr. Brizard’s Initial Response as today’s primary lead.

    Easily, Mr. Russo could have posted Jackson Potter’s response as the lead, unless, of course, Editor and Chief of the Chicago Tribune told Alex otherwise.

    Brizard: I am not a puppet of the mayor – I make the decisions at CPS
    Russo: I am not a puppet of the Tribune – I make the decision at the ‘inside scoop’

    Jackson Potter’s more thoughtful and realistic response is almost a footnote in Mr. Russo’s July 18th ‘review of literature’.

    If you missed the Jackson Potter response, check him out here:

  • Mr. Potter speaking for the union came off as the voice of reason and compromise. All Mr. Brizard said is that they don't have the money, not what type of compromises CPS was willing to enter into. Both CPS and the Mayor need to start talking compromise, the ball is clearly now in their court. The union seems willing to deal is the CPS and the Mayor? Let's get this deal done.

    Rod Estvan

  • In reply to Rodestvan:

    Jackson Potter is impressive. Knowledgeable and very composed. He made Tim Cawley look like a ninny the other night.

  • In reply to Rodestvan:

    Rod-how we wish. Rahm is on the dark side. There is no 'Luke' to get him out. Everyone is afraid to tell him anything. He would n't even listen to Obama. He will want a strike & think he is right.
    Diane Ravitch: What are the similarities between Mitt Romney and Rahm Emanuel? True, they have different party labels but their education policies are eerily alike."

  • In reply to Rodestvan:

    The fact-finding report noted how well the teachers did (raises of 16% or even more given step and lane increase) over the last 5 years, which coincided almost perfectly with the Great Recession. That puts the union in a very difficult position as to asking for additional high raises.

    What compromises would you have CPS offer? If teachers get the raises demanded, CPS will have to lay off teachers and increase class size.

  • In reply to district299reader:

    As the CTU has repeatedly pointed out all of this does not revolve only about money it also relates to time and work rules, while money is important it is not everything. Here is what I think CPS needs in particular to compromise on and it is best articulated by CEO Brizard himself. On Tuesday, 9 Jan 2012 the CEO was interviewed on FOX Chicago News by anchor Robin Robinson. He stated as follows:

    "Let's be clear. We don't need to negotiate the time with the teachers union. We have to negotiate the impact of changing the workday (as in, the money they get for it). Money, other kinds of issues, are part of the bargaining, but the time that we're looking to extend the school day, is within our control. " I think the fact finder's report and the CPS rejection of it indicates CPS cannot afford to reasonably negotiate over the impact of a longer day based on money and CPS needs to look at time itself. It needs to open up what are called in SB7 the permissive areas.

    Rod Estvan

  • A shout-out from the great Diane Ravitch! | The Bleader


  • Obama help? Kupper is a partner at AKPD, a firm started by David Axelrod, who, as we all know, is President Obama's chief political strategist. So you have Axelrod's firm helping lead an antiunion campaign in the president's hometown while Romney assails Obama for being a tool of the unions. Look at it this way, teachers: by working longer for less and losing your tenure and watching while one school after another gets handed over to the charters, you're doing your part to help reelect President Obama. Not that Mayor Emanuel, his former chief of staff, will thank you.

  • The
    Mayor Rahm Emanuel is to blame as Chicago teachers’ strike near

  • If Emanuel is such a good-hearted person who always claims he wants what’s best for the children all the time with disregard for compensation for such work, why doesn’t he donate a good portion of his high salary to make his Chicago Public School plans work? If he would set an example of self-generosity, maybe his demands on others to donate their time would be much better received.

  • Brizard said there's no money but he received a double digit increase from his Rochester salary... and some when he came here. Where's the money for the teachers who've worked here for years? Rahm can't get out-of-towners to fill all CPS teaching positions, but I bet he would if he could. Its not about kids, it's about power and control. (He is complex height). I wonder how it feels to be the head of the 3rd largest school district in the USA and have someone else think for you? Is the quarter mill worth it? Maybe the pay sealed the deal to be the figurehead who does what the non-educator-dictator says with no input.

  • A quote from July 15, 2012 NYT on the lovely Penny Pritzker

    “A bank owned in part by her family had been so mired in toxic subprime loans that the Pritzkers and other owners eventually paid a $460 million settlement to the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. And her nearly $2 billion fortune exploits a network of trusts, including some held offshore, to minimize tax liabilities”

  • A simple look back at Emmanuel's first year in office and the decisions he has made speaks clear indictment of who is to blame for this mess. Let's recap some of the mayor's lowlights:
    1. Appointing a 1% represented board, including a chairmen who has ties to AUSL (creating a clear conflict of interest).
    2. Hiring a CEO who was essentially run out of Rochester, after receiving an overwhelming 94% no confidence vote from the local teachers union and parent advocacy groups.
    3. Rescinding a contractually negotiated 4% raise and explains that for years students have gotten "the shaft."
    4. Epically fails in trying to Implement the "longer school day" initiative, by illegally (as per the ILRB) offering cash incentives for schools who sign schedule waivers. Only a handful of school accept.
    5. Hiring charter champion, sweetheart (my characterization, her attitude was apparent in her office at 125) Noemi Donoso.
    6. Creates a mockery of district rules by hiring Tim Cawley, a resident of the northern suburbs. The board grants him a waiver, removing the city residency requirement for his position.
    7. Mr. Cawley, at a hearing reveals that the district will knowing withhold capital investment funds in buildings that the board
    foresees possibly closing.
    8. Emmanuel appears (prominently) in a charter advocacy group created propaganda film "A Tale of Two Cities". He states that teachers unions stand in the way of reform and that charters contain the "secret sauce" for improving public education.
    9. At school closing hearings, investigations find that area reverends had paid protestors stipends to attend hearings located in different parts of the city in order to applaud pro-closing speakers and presenters.
    10. In a span of months several high level, central office staffers offer their resignations. Coincidently, all are women of color (Saenz, Denoso, Rose).
    11. A large amount of schools planned for "turnaround" are chartered off to AUSL.
    12. Emmanuel announces that city schools will move to a 7 1/2 school day in 2012-2013.
    13. Poll conducted by local media shows city residents disapprove the mayor's education agenda. The same poll shows that 2/3 of respondents side the the union's plan for bettering schools.
    14. Emmanuel announces plans to move ahead of schedule and incorporate an evaluation system that incorporates student test scores, after a letter signed by over 80 area professors, researchers and education advocates addressed to him and the district speaks against it.
    15. The mayor, after considerable parent pushback, reduces the length of day to 7 hours.
    16. 7,000 plus teachers march in downtown. ( On a Wednesday afternoon, after work.)
    17. The mayor receives a proverbial " b$#ch slap" when over 98% of voting teachers agree to authorize a strike.
    18. A (2012) budget iniquity finds that CPS moved $70 million (roughly the amount to cover the cancelled 4% raise) to a
    security line to pay CPD for "services rendered".
    19. Emmanuel criticizes the CTU for moving ahead of the "process" and authorizing a strike.
    20. Politically connected AKPD group creates ads for AstroTurf group DFER encouraging parents to speak out against the strike vote.
    21. 2013 budget released to dismal reviews from all stakeholders (parents, teachers and financial analysts.).
    22. Fact finder publishes report citing that teachers are due raises for extra work on top of lane/step raises. Benn goes further to say that "CPS created" the mess of the current negotiations.

    I think the facts speak for themselves. This mayor and his ego has created this. Time for him to swallow his pride and come to table with some solutions "tethered to reality".

  • In reply to Maestro:

    Maestro, excellent review of CPS transgressions. Worthy of distribution

  • Maestro:
    Presents CPS budget that raids reserves to zero
    City bond rating reduced (twice I think)
    Something about SB7 needs to be in there
    Great list! and thank you
    Please update it in your style, share it and keep it
    PLEASE use it when Rahm runs for mayor or any office again
    Our group will donate money to buy ad space for it

  • God forbid if this Rahm creep should ever be reelected. He is a great reason why mayors should be recalled. He is a disgrace. It is too bad the minorities picked an awful candidate to run for mayor but I will campaign for anyone who runs against Rahm. Worst mayor ever. I mean, this guy seriously SUCKS.

  • Every african-american ward, but 1 voted for him--the Obama effect.
    Who could win against him? It is not too early to think about this now.

  • Mitt Romney gets elected on the backs of disgruntled federal, state, and municipal employees. He dissolves the Dept of Education and eliminates federal education funding. Vouchers are introduced and schools vie for students. Schools with low operating costs and high test scores are attractive and popular. Parochial schools flourish. Neighborhood schools with low enrollments shutter, replaced by schools having non-union teachers and endowments from philanthropies and corporate foundations. The Pritzkers open the Hyatt Academy of Hotel Management and Operations next to their hotel. Internships are offered; work-study is part of the curriculum. States are given autonomy. Publishers offer Texas based materials at the lowest cost. Intelligent design is included in textbooks and are used throughout the district, which now has a skeleton central office in the basement of the Hyatt. Testing is widespread as this is the only way parents can differentiate among schools. A new section is added next to the car ads in the paper advertising schools. A free iPad if your child gets admitted. Special schools have fewer services and large class sizes even though vouchers are larger. Students carry advertising on their backpacks and uniforms. China puts a man on Mars.

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