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And we're back. Hope everyone had a good weekend.  Today's Chicago education news includes updates on the teacher evaluation front from the Sun Times and Catalyst, a new (online) summer backpack donations program, a look back at Rahm Emanuel's long hot summer (it's not over yet, and a few other items.  More to come -- feel free to post additions if you see things I've missed. EVALUATIONS, CURRENT AND FUTURE

Schools, step up Sun Times Tribune (editorial):  Get going on new teacher evaluations. For nearly a decade, public schools in Illinois and across the nation have struggled to meet academic standards set by the federal No Child Left Behind law. Many schools have flunked.

Teacher basic skills test Catalyst:  Illinois isn’t the only state to deal with this issue. Across the nation, states are re-examining the cut-off scores on basic-skills tests and licensing exams. The question is how states will raise the bar without affecting minorities wanting to enter the teaching profession.

More Teaching and Less Testing NYT: New York and up to 25 other states are moving toward changing the way they grant licenses to teachers, de-emphasizing tests and written essays in favor of a more demanding approach that requires aspiring teachers to prove themselves through lesson plans, homework assignments and videotaped instruction sessions.


Mayor Rahm Emanuel's summer of discontent Tribune: Emanuel tried to push the Chicago Teachers Union into working more hours, which only increased tensions with the union as labor talks loomed. Last week, Emanuel backed off and said he'd hire more teachers instead. "This is a major victory," Emanuel said


CPS asking for help filling children’s backpacks with supplies Sun Times: Chicagoans have another chance this year to make sure city students have the pencils, notebooks and folders they’ll need when classes begin. The Chicago Public Schools is renewing its partnership with the daily deal website Groupon, where people can purchase back-to-school supply kits for needy students for $11 each starting Monday. The kits are filled with name-brand supplies including crayons, markers, rulers and erasers.

School supplies can now be donated online AP:  Chicago residents can now donate school supplies to needy students online using Groupon.Chicago Public Schools has partnered with Groupon Grassroots, the philanthropic arm of the online discounter, to sell back-to-school kits.


Missing Edgewater teacher found Tribune: A 55-year-old Chicago Public Schools special education teacher who went missing yesterday in the Edgewater neighborhood on the North Side has been found safe, police said tonight. Eddrina Johnson has been located, according to a statement from police ...

Shooting Victim's Brother Held on $250K Bail NBC Chicago
Chicago police continue to search for the shooter who killed a Chicago Public Schools basketball star Micheal Haynes, as his family deals with the arrest of Haynes' younger brother.

Catholic schools see marketing aid enrollment Seattle Post Intelligencer: But educators say the number of schools with waiting lists increased by 171 and 34 schools opened. The archdioceses of Los Angeles, Boston and Chicago, which have all employed aggressive marketing programs, have seen student upticks, offering hope ...



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  • I think the bar is set to low for the selection of the CEO of CPS. Really, Brizard got a 95 percent no confidence vote in Rochester, NY, where he came from. That is not acceptable in any business nor organization. The strike authorization was also a referendum on Brizard's performance. Public or private sphere, hiring incompetent leaders ruins the culture of an organization. There is no defense of him and his administration. Inventing positions that have no real function other than window dressing and paying $200, 000 plus to non-educators to do what? Mayor control and the rubber stamp board have failed!

  • Why would you credit the obviously Tribune written editorial regarding the new teacher evaluation with the only paper that even remotely leans to the left, the Sun-Times? That ridiculous teacher evaluation editorial and the link you've provided are both products of the Trib...

  • good catch -- sorry about that -- now corrected

  • Charter group to re-open St. Scholastica as co-ed, public school http://ow.ly/cC1ip @WBEZeducation

  • How does CPS allow UNO, a pro-segregation organization, to open a "public" Latino-only school in a neighborhood as diverse as Rogers Park.

    UNO schools purposefully (and proudly) promote segregation. This cannot be allowed any longer.

  • It's a little scary because there are many Latino students who attend the surrounding schools like Rogers, Armstrong, Jordan, Gale, New Field, Kilmer, Eugene Field, CMSA, etc. That could really affect enrollments, funding, and teaching positions, and that they are planning to be open for this school year may make the first few days of school a mess.

  • There are many West African, Southeast Asian, South Asian, East Asian, and East African children in the neighborhood. Will UNO open their arms to these students? This is just more UNO segregation.

  • UNO is an HDO variant. UNO leadership are poverty pimps. They are great at it, I give them credit. Look at the man at the helm, Juan Rangel. Like Rahm, he has no shame and while he talks a good game, they are not honest. Honesty and ethics does not know any political party. As a taxpayer, do you want money to go to a drill and kill entity that does not invest in its teachers. Seems Mr. Rangel makes more than Mr. Brizard. Mr. Rangel, I know the tax payers are not willing to give money to a poverty pimp!

  • Corporations Sell Longer Day

  • Diane Ravitch

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