Let's Talk Integration

There's not much talk about school integration in school reform circles, and people seem to freak out and get really nasty when I talk about it here (or ignore the topic). No doubt everyone's felt burned by the difficult changes that take place when a school is integrated/gentrified.  But that doesn't change the fact that school integration is generally a good things for kids and society and that while enormously delicate and difficult to do it's something has to be tried. That is, unless you think the white kids should all go to parochial schools, or privates, or move to the suburbs like they used to do (and would if they could).  So take a look at this New York Times story about efforts to integrate some Brooklyn magnet schools and see what you think.  There's been lots of gentrification in Brooklyn, as in Chicago, and as you'll see lots of tensions around school demographic changes. I don't know that they're doing it any better than Chicago is, but I feel like there's got to be a way to figure this thing out. Magnet funding is part of the solution.  Maybe we need some sort of transitional funding to make up for diminished Title I funding, too.  Or, just enjoy the picture. So cute!


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  • Headache299
    Suddenly advocating integration? There has been lots of talk about integration or the lack thereof.

    Report Reveals Trend of Segregation in Charter Schools


    Expansion of charter schools has led to schools being more segregated today than 30 years ago


    “Choice without Equity: Charter School Segregation and the Need for Civil Rights Standards.”


    NAACP resolution on charter schools


    A Closer Look at Charter School and Segregation


  • In Chicago, this doesn't play out in just "gentrifying" areas. Think of the Hyde Park or Beverly area, especially at the high school level.

    Re: "...the white kids should all go to parochial schools, or privates, or move to the suburbs like they used to do (and would if they could)."

  • fb_avatar

    The New York Times article is worth reading--deals with some of the complexities of integrating schools in a big city. And I agree--very cute picture!

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