June Board Meeting

None of the things that I want to know about -- the contract negotiations, the IB expansion, the budget (!!!) -- appear to be on the official Board agenda for the June meeting that's taking place this Wednesday. The official agenda includes the usual resolutions (including one honoring Rachel Garza Resnick), an agreement with CPD on "Secure our Schools Funding," an agreement with AUSL, the pro forma NCLB School Improvement Plan for the district.

But that doesn't mean these hot topics won't come up during public comment or in interviews or whatnot.  Got any predictions for hot topics that are better or more interesting than mine?  Go for it.

The entire 492-page packet is there online, so don't think you have to wait until Wednesday or be there in person anymore.  Here's the action agenda of completed items from May is here.



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  • As with any Daley-Emanuel appointed board on anything, it will be "consent agenda: all in favor aye; next...." In fact, nearly any board in Illinois.

    I note that once the 90% strike vote passed, that no longer made the news. And if there are any negotiations, the only time they will come before the board is when it is time to ratify it.

    People may have their 2 minutes during the public comment period, but it won't mean anything.

  • Tell the Chicago Board of Education we want “a better contract for better schools.” The Board needs to bargain seriously over all the issues at the table, including:

    Smaller classes
    A Better School Day,
    not just a longer one
    Fair compensation
    Job security to keep
    experienced teachers

  • In reply to Alexander Russo:

    I'm being serious when I ask the following:

    Does Karen Lewis pay you to lobby for the CTU's behalf from Brooklyn?

    Are you coming in today to see whether the board will really listen to you or just pay you lip service?

  • sorry for any confusion -- that previous post from me was obv from CTU but i should have noted it as such. my fault.

    as for being paid to lobby for CTU, well, lots of CTU folks have been upset with me over the last few days so i'm guessing that's not what's going on here.

    one week i'm a scab, the next week i'm a paid lobbyist :-)

  • In reply to Alexander Russo:

    Thanks for the clarification. But you see what happens when you cut and paste someone else's press release and put it under your i.d. Not even publius does that.

    Now, whether CTU thinks it will get something showing up at a board meeting that it won't get at the bargaining table, at least that is now their issue.

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