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Today's news includes coverage of the heatwave closings (schools without AZC), yesterday's board meeting decisions (nothing too surprising there though I hadn't known that 800 teachers were already laid off), and a pair of big picture stories from Catalyst  WBEZ (segregation) and Chicago Magazine (violence and school performance) that are both work a look at.  Anything I missed?  Let me know in the comments.

*Corrected:  The segregation package is from WBEZ not Catalyst. HEATWAVE

CPS Cancels Summer Classes At 12 Schools Due To Extreme Heat CBS: As the heat ratchets up above 100 degrees Thursday, the Chicago Public Schools are canceling classes in 10 buildings that do not have working air conditioning.

CPS Cancels Summer Classes At 10 Schools Due To Extreme Heat CBS2 Chicago: As the heat ratchets up above 100 degrees Thursday, the Chicago Public Schools are canceling classes in 10 buildings that do not have working air ...


Parents, Teachers Rally For Fair Contract, Better School Conditions ... Progress Illinois: In three days, Chicago Public Schools teachers will see their contracts expire. This morning, members of the Chicago Teachers Union along with dozens of ...

Chicago Public Schools to levy maximum property tax hike Chicago Tribune: Chicago public schools will leverage the full amount of its allowed property tax hike to cover a deficit and pay for a longer school day.

Teachers, parents protest outside CPS board mtg. The Chicago Public Schools board is holding its first meeting Wednesday since the teachers union voted to authorize a strike.

CPS to raise property taxes to the limit Catalyst: CPS spokeswoman Robyn Ziegler said about 800 teachers were laid off across the district due to projected enrollment decreases and program changes, which can result in a shifting of position needs. Ziegler said layoffs at this time of year were down by about 20 percent.

Parents’ group voices support for teachers Sun Times: Parents 4 Teachers founder Erica CLark contended teachers are pushing the smaller class sizes, art, music and facilities upgrades that parents want, but district officials and Mayor Rahm Emanuel seem to have another agenda.

Time's almost up on CTU contract Catalyst: Members of the Chicago Teachers Union will picket in front of the Board of Education this morning before Chicago School Board's monthly meets. CTU says the informational picketing is part of its "campaign to win a fair labor contract that will protect their wages and benefits and strengthen neighborhood schools."  The current contract between CTU and CPS expires June 30.


Greater segregation for region's black, Latino students WBEZ:  For white students in suburban Chicago, school has become a much more diverse place in the last 20 years. But the region has seen a jump during that time in the number of highly segregated black and Latino schools, a new WBEZ analysis shows.

A segregated education, K-12 WBEZ:  In Chicago and the suburbs, a quarter of a million black and Latino children go to schools where more than 90 percent of students come from their same race. For our ongoing series on race, reporter Linda Lutton talked to seniors who just graduated from some of these schools.

In suburban Plainfield, preserving diverse schools WBEZ: School officials are facing race head on in southwest Plainfield, where schools that used to be almost all white have almost even racial balance today.

The Geography of Chicago Schools, Homicides, and Poverty Chicago Mag:The first data set is represented by the green and yellow dots: non-charter Chicago Public Schools by "performance policy level." The red dots are 2012 homicides through June 26, using data compiled by RedEye's Tracy Swartz. The blue regions are CPS socioeconomic tiers.


After graduation, new teachers start job hunt Catalyst:  Hiring in CPS typically takes place later than hiring in other school districts in the region.CPS spokeswoman Robyn Ziegler says that the current hiring process “enables us to attract an excellent talent pool of prospective teachers.” The hiring timeline depends on student enrollment projections and the Illinois General Assembly’s budgeting process, she adds.

Community schools will keep funding Catalyst: Within the next month or so, CPS will release a proposed budget and will vote on it at the August Board of Education meeting. Officials have said the district faces a budget deficit in the range of $600 million and it is unclear how CPS will fill those holes.

CPD Teams Up with CeaseFire WTTW: Can a partnership between CeaseFire and the Chicago Police Department work? The director of the anti-violence group joins us.

Take control of South Loop high schools Chicago Journal: But Chicago Public Schools' tradition is to list the neighborhood school — the school the student presumably would have gone to had they not been in a special ...


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  • take a look -- middle ground or anti teacher?

    3,000 signatures from @Stand4Children and video of testimony from CPS parent Michael Butz


  • Chicago Leadership Collaborative featured in new Wallace Foundation report on improving principal prep and support -- is it any good?

  • this is from NYC but it happens in chicago, too -- right?

    The perils of school gentrification [loss of Title I funding]
    NYT via @gothamschools

    the cutoff in NYC is 60 percent, but i think it's higher in chicago (or was) -- i wonder how many CPS schools have gone through this (pritzker and pulaski must have fairly recently, right?)

  • “Two percent is ridiculous, and so is 24 percent,” @rebecahuffman in @catalystchicago story on DFER IL

  • When will cps get air conditioning in students in these sweltering schools ?! shame on the Board--the wealthy on it should donate air conditioners to these burning schools.

  • Are any of these schools that were closed today on the Track E schedule? How many students and teachers across the city suffer in sweltering classrooms every August?

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