Chicago's Best Online Report Card?

The Tribune's online report card has been named one of the six winners of the Digital Journalism Award, citing the depth and context that the site provides and the care with which it presents data for parents.  The competition is international, and includes all sorts of kinds of sites.  Is the Tribune's site really that good?  Plug in your school (here) and let us know what you find out. Via @sethlavin.


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  • (WBEZ/Linda Lutton) A freshman is flanked by vocabulary words at Fenger Academy High School in Chicago.

    There was one quote in this radio piece that just broke my heart.

  • From Lutton's story:

    Take Mia, for instance. She blames herself for her reading struggles. She says it's always been her problem.

    "If I didn't understand, then I think I should have asked. But I didn't," she admits, "The teachers don't know what to tell you if you don't ask. They can't read your mind. You got a room full of 30 kids. You can't get to everybody, so I don't blame them."

    You owe it to yourself to LISTEN to Mia make that statement. Wow.

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