Yah, Northside Prep

Today's news includes honors for Northside Prep, Monique Davis is off the hook, Bowman reflects.  I'm posting the Karen Lewis segment separately.

Northside Prep named top IL high school Catalyst:  Northside College Prep is the top ranked Illinois school on the just-released U.S. News and World Report list of the best high schools in the country. In all, four Chicago high schools held the top spots on the state list.

When they look back on the tablet revolution Tribune:  I had the privilege of observing a first-grade English-as-a-second-language class in a northeast Chicago public elementary school on Monday. I watched an enthusiastic, skilled teacher guide a class of diverse young students through basic classroom...

Emanuel makes pension pitch at Capitol Tribune:  Mayor Rahm Emanuel on Tuesday took the rare step of traveling to the Capitol to make a personal pitch for an overhaul of city government worker pensions, saying costs are out of control and the "day of reckoning has arrived."

Teachable moments WBEZ:  On Tuesday's Afternoon Shift we talk about education. First Charlie Wheelan shares commencement advice. Then we look at how higher education is changing in the online age.

Columbia College president plans to retire in 2013 Sun Times: Carter first took the reins at Columbia in 2000, and has the longest tenure of any other sitting college or university presidents in Chicago, the college said in a statement.

House passes bill that spares state rep $444,500 in disputed taxes Sun Times: By a 60-54 vote, with Davis voting present, the House entered into the legal dispute between the longtime South Side lawmaker and the Chicago Board of Education over her refusal to pay back rent and leaseholder taxes on her district office, which is in a school-owned building.

Barbara Bowman on lessons learned inside and outside the classroom WBEZ:  Mother of senior White House advisor Valerie Jarrett, Barbara Bowman is leaving her job as Chief Early Childhood Education Officer at Chicago Public Schools, but not without first sharing the lessons she’s learned inside and outside of the classroom.


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  • Karen speaks openly with honesty, passion, and most importantly she is armed with the truth. Nervous? Why should that make you nervous? Compare her to JC's canned McInterviews and it is clear who is thinking for themselves and who is regurgitating talking points.

  • In reply to district299reader:

    I am gagging right now. Karen is a train wreck. She simply spews ctu jargon or maybe you like to call it McJargon. Yes, she does think for and of HERSELF and certainly NOT the children.

  • Interesting about Warrick Carter & Columbia College. Was he even a player in higher ed or Chicago? With Allen Turner of the Pritzker connection, one would think Carter and Turner would have been able to give or get for Columbia. Didn't see much evidence of that. Wonder who'd be a good president and a good board chair. Talk of dropping the Chicago Jazz Ensemble, Russo. That would be sad.

  • I'd be interesting if students from CPS's "lowest-performing" high schools shadowed for a day or week at Northside. I'd LOVE to hear their debrief on their visit experience. Wonder what they'd say about what they observed.

  • While I have my doubts about the U. S. News rankings, it is interesting to note that not a single charter school in Illinois appears anywhere on the list (maybe there is something odd about the way Illinois reports charters?). However, several Chicago neighborhood high schools received silver rankings, putting them in the top 10% of high schools nationally: Morgan Park, Kenwood, Lake View, Curie, and Taft.

  • Congratulations to all the winners Please note every one of the schools
    is a non charter,public school with union faculties.
    Tucked in between Curie and Morgan Park
    sits Bogan a school in shambles.Since all three of these schools
    draw the same kind of students why isn't Bogan up there with
    the best?

  • In reply to rbusch:

    Well, you certainly can't blame the principal, he is outstanding. The children are exactly the same as those who attend Morgan Park and Curie. That leaves the teachers. It is clearly their fault.

  • Unless you are a Bogan Teacher how would you know?.
    I remember when the current principal arrived at Bogan I wrote those very
    words to describe him.Was I wrong.How on earth do you remember that?
    Or are you associated with this blog?Anyhow take your med"s or lay
    off the weed,and go to sleep.

  • Quinn Surprises Golden Apple Award Winner At Murray Language Academy « CBS Chicago http://ow.ly/aOhWD

  • In reply to Alexander Russo:

    another outstanding charter school teacher

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