Steans, Steans, & Biss

Corrected:  Today's education news?  There's not much of it.  Budgets, pensions, scholarships, some events.  The best thing I could find to share was citizen journalist Tim Furman's account of covering an Andersonville campaign fundraiser for soon-to-be-senator Daniel BISS  (pictured).

A self described suburban school tech specialist, Furman blogs at the wildly misnamed School Tech Connect blog, and is obviously unhappy with the way things are going in school reform these days.  But -- this is important -- e's self-aware and sort of funny about the whole thing (not that I would want him camped out on the sidewalk in front of my house, either).

I don't agree with him that everything Steans et al are up to is unwise and/or malicious -- my biggest fear right now is that politicians and funders will give up and abandon school reform leaving schools where they are just with lots less funding. But I do appreciate what seems like Furman's solid sense of humor about the whole thing.  Feel free to set me straight if he is a stalker and/or completely wrong about everything.

Greedy leaders Tribune (editorial):  We have politicians draining the system dry with outlandish pensions while legally circumventing the system for their own good, knowing all along the system is going broke and pension reform is sorely needed.

The Budgets Are Coming, The Budgets Are Coming cpsobsessed: Each year the big funding questions in the elementary schools tend to be about : Free Pre-K, Full day kindergarten, specials (gym, library tech, etc.)   I’d imagine these may still be uncertain this year?

Ill. Senators disheartened over ban to block scholarships WBEZ: A handful of Illinois state senators are defending why they voted against a bill that would ban legislators from handing out scholarships.

Hundreds of Chicago Middle and High School Students Debate World Issues Yahoo! News:  More than 500 middle and high school students from 27 Chicago Public Schools are attending the United Nations Association of the USA’s (UNA-USA) Global Classrooms® Chicago Model UN Conference.

CPS cuts spending in 'difficult fiscal climate' Tribune:  Faced with a nearly $700 million budget deficit, Chicago Public Schools has proposed a capital spending budget for the coming year of $110 million, a sharp drop from this year's $660 million.

Ed. Entrepreneurs Pitch to Educators, Investors EdWeek:  Tim Cawley, Chief Administrative Officer at Chicago Public Schools. The pitch: Socrative, a simple, mobile classroom assessment tool for teachers, based in Silicon Valley. Teachers can use it for in-class assessment and quizzes, pushing questions to ...

Married To The Ed Reform Mob Tim Furman:  I was there because Rep. Biss is going to become Senator Biss shortly, and while yes, he's going to be one of the chief decision-makers on pensions, he's also going to be completely assimilated by the corporate ed reform Borg, which moors a mothership in Illinois at the home Senator Steans and the home of her sister Robin, the unelected queen of Illinois public education.


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  • FYI, it's Daniel Biss, not Bliss.

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    I know Tim, and can vouch that he's not a stalker. He's a good guy. :)

  • Loved this line from the Tim Furman piece:

    "We also need a bit of a refresher on what the term "progressive" means-- whether that word has been boiled down to mean pro-gay, pro-abortion; or whether it has any remaining relationship to labor, fair taxation, justice, peace, the general welfare of the people, and all of those other matters that Rahm isn't known for."

    Perfectly said.

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