Something To Strike About

There have been 107 Chicago kids killed in the last year, according to the Black Star project, including two in just the last couple of weeks (pictured).  Check out the list below.  Just this past weekend, a seven year old girl shot was outside her home during a drive-by, according to the Sun Times (Ten dead, 41 wounded in weekend shootings).

If Chicago teachers want to protest something and even go out on strike, why can't it be something like the youth violence problem that continues to plague the city?   This is something parents and teachers could strike over together, rather than over something that's going to be perceived as focusing on teachers' interests, inconveniencing parents, and interrupting students' learning.

Yes, CTU and others have in the past focused attention on the youth violence issue.  Remember the Soldier Field event a year or two ago?  But the current focus of the contract negotiations puts teachers first, no matter how it's presented.  Working together, parents and teachers are a powerful force.

Some of the things the CTU is pushing for will help students and families eventually, but not in the short run.  In the short run, CPS families are 90 percent poor and minority, with a parent unemployment rate that's got to be ashamedly high and an experience of violence that few others can understand.

CPS teachers are overworked and underappreciated, perhaps, but none of them poor or victims of such high rates of violence, and the overwhelming majority of them still employed despite a shrinking enrollment and a massive economic recession.  

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 Between March of 2011 and March of 2012, 107 children and youth were killed in Chicago.As Chicago Police protected the heads of state of NATO countries from all over the world, a 14-year-old boy and 12-year-old boy were among those killed in Chicago while dozens of other Chicago residents were shot. We are the solution.  
   Two Chicago Youth Killed during NATO and 107 Chicago Children and Youth Killed between March 2011 and March 2012.

Black Star Logo
12-year-old Nazia Banks killed on May 19, 2012
Black Star Logo
14-year-old Alejandro Jaime killed on May 18, 2012
1) Anthony Scott 19 3/16/2012 West Ridge Gunshot
2) Johnny Vargas 19 3/14/2012 South Lawndale Gunshot
3) Aliyah Shell 6 3/17/2012 South Lawndale Gunshot
4) Gustavo Reyes 19 3/14/2012 West Lawn Gunshot
5) Joshua Williams 16 3/8/2012 Chicago Lawn Gunshot -sidewalk
6) Chris Wormely 17 3/1/2012 South Deering Stabbing - School
7) Abert Guyton 15 2/28/2012 Chicago Lawn Gunshot - sidewalk
8) George Howard 15 2/27/2012 Washington Park Gunshot - sidewalk
9) Damion Rolle 14 2/21/2012 Greater Grand Crossing Gunshot - apartment
10) Jamal Harris 19 2/19/2012 South Shore Gunshot
11) Edgar Delgado 17 2/18/2012 Avondale Gunshot - street
12) Deshun Winfert 15 2/5/2012 Chicago Lawn Gunshot - street
13) Anton Sanders 15 1/20/2012 Rogers Park Gunshot-alley
14) Devonte Pippen 18 1/19/2012 Chicago Lawn Gunshot - gas station
15) Kurtis Stanton 19 1/17/2012 Washington Heights Gunshot - sidewalk
16) Cory Campbell 18 1/10/2012 Auburn Gresham Gunshot - sidewalk
17) Christian Peggs 18 1/8/2012 Greater Grand Crossing Gunshot
18) Valentin Bahena 17 1/8/2012 Belmont Cragin Gunshot-apartment
19) Mark Watts 15 1/4/2012 West Englewood Gunshot-porch/hallway
20) Christina Thomas 6 mo. 1/2/2012 Englewood Child abuse
21) Nicholas Camacho 19 1/2/2012 Albany Park Gunshot - alley
22) Name Unknown 18 12/31/2011 Englewood Gunshot - vehicle
23) Jewels Selvie 19 12/28/2011 New City Gunshot - porch/hallway
24) Deontae Malone 15 12/28/2011 Chicago Lawn Gunshot - street
25) Jawan Ross 16 12/27/2011 Englewood Gunshot - restaurant
26) Dantril Brown 17 12/27/2011 Englewood Gunshot - restaurant
27) Onay Lundy 18 12/12/2011 West Garfield Park Gunshot - streeet
28) Leon Deaknye 17 12/12/2011 Albany Park Gunshot - sidewalk
29) Kevin Branch 17 12/4/2011 Morgan Park Gunshot - residential yard
30) Dale Fisher 16 12/3/2011 Woodlawn Gunshot - sidewalk
31) Javon Saffore 17 11/28/2011 Austin Gunshot - street
32) Christopher Valdez 4 11/25/2011 Gage Park Child abuse - residence
33) Carlton Archer 17 11/10/2011 Woodlawn Gunshot - alley
34) Tarik Mandie 18 11/10/2011 Chatham Gunshot - street
35) Juan Sanchez 19 11/5/2011 West Town Gunshot - street
36) Alex Spikes 17 11/2/2011 Riverdale Gunshot - small retail store
37) Ravon Martin 18 11/1/2011 South Shore Gunshot - sidewalk
38) Marcus Nunn 17 10/28/2011 Chicago Lawn Gunshot - sidewalk
39) Delvonta Porter 18 10/24/2011 South Shore Gunshot - widewalk
40) August Ayala 19 10/22/2011 North Lawndale Assault - street
41) Andre Vasquez 16 10/18/2011 Avondale Gunshot - residence
42) Marqwell Seaborn 17 10/17/2011 West Pullman Gunshot - sidewalk
43) Jayden Tufele 3 mo. 10/10/2011 Jefferson Park Child Abuse - residence
44) Ray Gibson 17 10/6/2011 Woodlawn Gunshot - street
45) Antonio Johnson 15 9/25/2011 Humboldt Park Gunshot - porch/alley
46) Omaria Beckon 2 mo. 9/22/2011 South Shore Child abuse - apartment
47) Steve McGee 17 9/19/2011 Washington Park Gunshot - sidewalk
48) Marvis Brown, Jr. 17 9/18/2011 Chicago Lawn Gunshot - porch/alley
49) Devon Varner 18 9/13/2011 Washington Park Gunshot - sidewalk
50) Sadarius Sims 18 9/5/2011 North Lawndale Gunshot - sidewalk
51) Deandre Boatman 18 9/3/2011 East Garfield Park Gunshot - sidewalk
52) Rodney Kyles Jr. 19 9/3/2011 Lincoln Park Stabbing - sidewalk
53) Jaivon Sandifer 3 9/2/2011 Austin Stabbing - apartment
54) Davares Robinson 17 8/31/2011 East Garfield Park Gunshot - sidewalk
55) Joseph Price 14 8/21/2011 Austin Gunshot - sidewalk
56) Charinez Jefferson 17 8/16/2011 Chicago Lawn Gunshot - sidewalk
57) Ricardo Vasquez 17 8/13/2011 New City Gunshot - street
58) William Sturgeon 19 8/10/2011 North Lawndale Gunshot - sidewalk
59) Arianna Gibson 6 8/7/2011 Englewood Gunshot - residence
60) Marshaun Taylor 16 8/7/2011 Chicago Lawn Gunshot - street
61) Jose Serrano 17 8/4/2011 West Pullman Gunshot - alley
62) Ianah Sherrod 3 mo. 8/3/2011 Roseland Child abuse - apartment
63) Jermaine Smith 18 8/3/2011 South Shore Gunshot - sidewalk
64) Darius Brown 13 8/3/2011 Grand Boulevard Gunshot - park property
65) Ewonte Butler 18 7/29/2011 Austin Gunshot - sidewalk
66) Dazaray Brunt 17 7/26/2011 Englewood Gunshot - sidewalk
67) Sergio Torrez 15 7/22/2011 West Ridge Gunshot - sidewalk
68) Theodore Thomas 18 7/19/2011 Englewood Gunshot - street
69) Marcus London 19 7/17/2011 Washington Park Gunshot - sidewalk
70) Aiki Muhammad 17 7/16/2011 Englewood Gunshot - sidewalk
71) Cordre Hayes 18 7/12/2011 West Pullman Gunshot - street
72) Deonre Douglas 19 7/9/2011 North Lawndale Gunshot - sidewalk
73) Jeffrey Butler 19 7/9/2011 Englewood Gunshot - residential yard
74) Devonte Childress 18 7/6/2011 Englewood Gunshot - sidewalk
75) Martel Field 17 7/4/2011 Roseland Gunshot - alley
76) Ricardo Hall 19 7/3/2011 West Englewood Gunshot - street
77) Juan Baustista 16 6/29/2011 Brighton Park Gunshot - alley
78) Aaron Leonard 19 6/28/2011 Roseland Gunshot - street
79) Christopher Clark 17 6/27/2011 New City Gunshot - street
80) Adonis Bright 1 6/26/2011 Grand Boulevard Child abuse - apartment
81) Tony Morgan 19 6/23/2011 West Englewood Gunshot - street
82) Richard Gutierrez 13 6/22/2011 Chicago Lawn Gunshot - sidewalk
83) Niko Santiago 17 6/16/2011 Lower West Side Gunshot - sidewalk
84) James Thomas 19 6/14/2011 West Garfield Park Gunshot - retail store
85) Jovany Diaz 15 6/13/2011 Humboldt Park Gunshot - residential yard
86) Estavion Green 18 6/13/2011 New City Gunshot - sidewalk
87) Jonathon Banks 19 6/10/2011 North Lawndale Gunshot - sidewalk
88) Dante Smallwood 18 6/8/2011 Ashburn Gunshot - sidewalk
89) Lamont Gogins 19 6/5/2011 Chicago Lawn Gunshot - gas station
90) Karla Allen 16 5/30/2011 New City Gunshot - street
91) Larry Parks 16 5/26/2011 Roseland Gunshot - sidewalk
92) Christian Pichardo 18 5/23/2011 South Chicago Gunshot - sidewalk
93) Terrance Boyd 16 5/21/2011 Austin Gunshot - sidewalk
94) Markell Stribling 16 5/20/2011 Loop Gunshot - sidewalk
95) Omar Estrada 18 5/19/2011 Rogers Park Gunshot - park
96) Timothy Wordlow 19 5/11/2011 Oakland Gunshot - street
97) Kabiru Adewunmi 18 4/26/2011 Chatham Gunshot - alley
98) Kingquintav Davis-Ringold 1 4/17/2011 Roseland Child abuse - residence
99) Luis Cordova 19 4/15/2011 Brighton Park Gunshot - alley
100) Omar Mendez 16 4/14/2011 South Lawndale Gunshot - sidewalk
101) Arturio Santana 16 4/13/2011 South Lawndale Stabbing - residential yard
103) Timothy Collins 19 4/12/2011 Ashburn Gunshot - street
104) Christopher Young 18 4/10/2012 Greater Grand Crossing Gunshot - sidewalk
105) Quintin Turner 18 4/8/2011 Kenwood Gunshot - street
106) Thurman Williams 18 3/28/2011 Hermosa Gunshot - sidewalk
107) Mokece Brown 17 3/27/2011 Austin Gunshot - alley


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  • Of course the current contract negotiations put teachers first. State legislators, in their infinite wisdom, have decided to prevent negotiations on anything but salary and benefits and CPS has declined to bargain over anything but mandatory subject matter.

    So, really, you're suggesting the CTU take job action over things that are illegal for them to strike over. Remember, Alex, your reformers are the ones that have created all these restrictions.

    Economic policy, safety and security, poverty, violence - these are things for which the mayor, aldermen, and legislators are responsible. If you are advocating a general strike in support of better policies on these issues then I'm all for it. But it appears that you're more interested in bashing teachers and unions instead.

  • In reply to district299reader:

    "So, really, you're suggesting the CTU take job action over things that are illegal for them to strike over." Even without district299reader #5627's dig at the state labor laws, such a strike would be illegal under any labor relations act. One can only strike over wages and working conditions.

    BTW, this is totally nonsensical. You strike to get something from the Board. What can the Board give them to satisfy this demand? No allegation is made here that conditions in the schools (such as lack of security guards) have resulted in more than a handful of these shootings being within the schools.

    Instead, the teachers go on strike, the students are put on the street, where they can be shot. Happy?

  • ANY strike, no matter how noble the cause - even a strike you might support, Alex - would inconvenience parents and interrupt student learning. What a weak argument.

    Not to mention that teachers already receive tremendous support from parents. Did you miss the Tribune poll that found Chicagoans prefer the CTU's vision for education by 2 to 1 over the mayor's or that roughly 90% of Chicagoans believe that if teachers are asked to work more hours then they should be paid for that additional work.

    You didn't really think this one through, Alex. Or did you?

  • I have simply lost respect for this site the past few weeks..... Alex, teachers aren't allowed to strike over anything lately, and you actually put this as an excuse to strike??? Have you seriously lost your mind? So now it's the teacher's fault that these children were lost to gun violence.... Where in the hell are the parents? Oh, that's right, teachers are expected to care for other's children besides teach them...... Chicagoans prefer the CTU's vision for education by 2 to 1 over the mayor's or that roughly 90% of Chicagoans believe that if teachers are asked to work more hours then they should be paid for that additional work..... Instead of attacking the teachers....let's blame politicians who run the city or school board.... Or why don't YOU start a campaign to save the children...oh, wait, you're not any more responsible for their deaths than their teachers are....

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to district299reader:

    I completely agree here. Where are the parents? How about the respobnsibility of the students themselves? So there is some invisible army that comes in and shoots these students? Sure, I understand the harsh economic realtities of the impoverished. But continuing to blame the violence they are infliscitn gon themselves on others - LET ALONE TEACHERS - has to stop!

    In fact, CPS got its longer school day - it was thinly discguised as a noble act centering around bettering education. But what is really was is warehousing students longer in school.

    By the way, teachers are professionals - not endentured servants. You want them to do something - no matter how noble - you should expect to compensate them for it.

    Everyone here on this site would expect the same thing. There is a simple litmus test here....raise your hand if after you leave work EVERYDAY go out and help the poor for over an hour unpaid. What? few of you raised your hand...well that's what you are asking the teachers to do.

    Teachers are already a noble breed. They don't get rich off being a teacher. So give them credit for their intentions for the mere fact that they decided to be a teacher in the first place. Lay off them for fighting to be compensated. Shame on anyone who says that such a fight is in someway greedy or self centered.

  • In reply to M Wesoloskie:

    Rahm gets in F in public safety! Sorry but the DATA shows.. tiny dancer, is off a few steps! So now the "Dog and Pony " show in front of the cameras! Good luck if we have hot summer!

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to viniciusdm:

    I totally agree with you too. I am just saying that we shouldn;t shift the blame to teachers for the violence.

  • In reply to district299reader:

    2 to 1? 90%? Maybe in a poll of CTU members and their families. It is pure fantasy to believe that even a basic majority of tax payers think teachers should be paid more to work 180 7.5 hour days

  • In reply to Bankerdanny:

    Newsflash, teachers work FAR more hours than they are paid for! I am married to a teacher and believe me, the work that goes into teaching is not easy. I am sure every teacher out there wishes they only had to work an 8 hour day, but that is not the reality of the situation. Most teachers work a minimum of 10 hours a day( some more). You forget all the work that teachers do outside the classroom. Yes, that is part of the job of being a teacher, but you cannot expect the teachers to work a longer day and not be compensated fairly for it!

  • In reply to fedup:

    I was waiting for that one. Most white collar workers work more than 40 hours. So that argument carries zero weight with me. I am in no way suggesting that teaching isn't hard work. It is. But the fact remains that teachers get a level of guaranteed time off that is unmatched in the white collar world. Asking them to work an extra scheduled hour a day for the same pay is in no way unreasonable.

  • In reply to Bankerdanny:

    Yes, teachers do not work in the summer, but then again, They are NOT paid for it either! In fact, they are at a disatvantage as they do not have the option to work a full year like the rest of the white collar workers unless they teach summer school, and even then they do not get their full pay! You are mistaken, it is entirely unreasonable to ask ANYONE to work longer hours and not pay them for their time.

  • In reply to fedup:

    Really, you want to go there? Great let's.

    Then based on your argument that teachers aren't getting paid for the summer they really should shut up about extra money, because starting pay of $50k (per the CPS website) for 180 days of work is pretty damn generous, that would be the equivalent of ~$67k for salaried white collar worker that gets only 2 weeks vacation (typical for a fresh college grad).

    I bet if you asked most fresh grads if they would like to START at $67k plus generous benefits they would tell you hell yes.

  • In reply to Bankerdanny:

    Agree with you regarding the generous starting salary, Bankerdanny. Where it gets trickier is fort he mid-career teacher who needs to support a family and is required to live in the city. Unlike most other careers there is little opportunity for "promotion" to a higher payer position unless the teacher stops teaching and starts an administrative track with the attendant loss to the students of their mature wisdom and experience. The automatic increases based purely on seniority and the automatic increases based on higher certification (so called "track and lane" increases) address this issue but are much reviled by the non-teacher community.

    I think waiving the residency requirement is a step in the right direction and is consistent with a more "free-market" approach to compensation.

    What other silutions do you suggest?

  • In reply to Bankerdanny:

    Umm, what generous benefits are you talking about?? Is it the health care where teachers have a $2,500 deductible for each family member??? They are also talking about raising the health care coverage again. I know it's not the pensions because it is only the teachers themselves that have been adding to it for the last 12 years!

    Teachers are required to live in the City as well. They do not have the luxury to live anywhere they want. It is expensive to live in a decent area in Chicago! Teachers deserve every penny they get for all the work they do!

  • In reply to Bankerdanny:

    The real world or the ivory tower

    I am sure the grass is always greener on the the side
    but a lot people who are not teachers seem to have a
    opinion of teaching based on the fact they sat in school
    for 12 years or longer. That is their only perspective.
    I always ponder this question in discussions like this:

    As I am washing the kids blood off my hands in one sink
    the cop comes in and does the same thing at the next sink.
    Which one of us has a real job?

    Personally I do not get mad at people who seem to know
    my job better than I do.After all they sat in front of me for a while. Being off in the summer is part of the job description of a teacher.I would like to point out any
    decent job carries vacation time up to six weeks
    as part of the reality we get about eight weeks off.Just about the time to forget the bloody hands

  • In reply to Bankerdanny:

    Who STARTS at 67k??? Where are you getting this info from? That is completely incorrect.

  • In reply to Bankerdanny:

    Stop your bellyaching and do something constructive like volunteering at your local elementary school. Maybe your place of business should be unionized!

  • In reply to Bankerdanny:

    Bankerdanny, the Chicago Tribune poll broke down their sampling by CPS families (not CTU) and plain old Chicago residents. The numbers you refuse to believe actually do hold up under scrutiny. As you probably know the Tribune is a very conservative paper; the questions were not tilted in favor of the Union.

    Also, teachers work more than the hours for which they are contractually obligated. For instance, this year Chicago teachers are paid for 6.25 hours of work, or 31.25 hours per week. A recent U of I study found, however, that the average Chicago teacher works 58 hours per week. I actually do work 60 hours per week, but I find that 58 hour/week pretty darn high as an average. (That figure does not include work time over "holidays" or over the summer.)

    The implication is clear enough, though: teachers put in significant work time outside of the contractual day to the extent that though the school year is 10 months educators actually work a full 2,000 hour per year job.

  • In reply to district299reader:

    58 hours a week for about 36 of a 52 week year. I probably average 50 over 49. My father was a public school teacher for 28 years and also taught a junior college night class for about 10 years. I am not totally clueless about the work teachers put in outside the classroom.

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to Bankerdanny:

    How much do you make a year? What value does it add to society?

    I work just under double what you do a week. I work a couple less weeks/year. I add far more value to society. I hope that you make less than half what I do. Otherwise, maybe we can join forces to cut your salary or raise mine.

  • Since we are suggesting illegal strikes I think CPD should join us. They lack the resources and man power they deserve to combat these problems. What do you think, Alex?

  • In reply to district299reader:

    Unfortunately for your theory, public safety workers, specifically police, fire, and paramedics may not strike for any reason, and must submit contract disputes to arbitration. But I did note that you did preface your remarks with "Since we are suggesting illegal strikes."

  • Alexander is doing what he's supposed to do as a blogger: stoke a controversy (or concoct one) in order rile people up enough that they argue with him on his blog. That gets him hits, readers, and comments.

    It's a pretty simple and predictable business model.

    The best way to express your disappointment in this blog is by declining to visit it and read it.

  • In reply to district299reader:

    You are right. Its not even a joke anymore and Alex has become just plain annoying. This blog site has lost its credibility.

  • Here's an idea.
    The police and parents should start doing their jobs and then we would see a cut back on this type of stuff.

  • In reply to strangeways:

    I agree...stop letting the television babysit your kids and maybe TALK to them once in a while.

  • In reply to strangeways:

    Start doing their jobs? What are you talking about? Do you know how many officers have lost their lives DOING their job? Their job is not to parent.

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to district299reader:

    Very true. Then you would probably agree that it isn't the teachers' job to parent either?

  • Alex, you could always move back to Chicago and involve yourself in reducing violence among youth.

  • i hate it when he disagrees with me or says something that makes me think -- there's nothing worse than that. who cares about the violence when we're talking about my self-esteem? it almost makes me forget all the times he bashes on the board or the mayor, when i like him just fine.

  • Alex- That was obvious and D.U.M.B. You've officially jumped the shark.

  • I've been a lurker on here for almost 6 years, ever since I was an FNG straight out of college. Finally decided to post. I started out idealistic and ready "to make a difference." Then I became cynical and angry, thought about a career change and leaving Chicago. Then something about being an advocate for students/change clicked. I'm still angry, cynical, and pissed off (I don't let my students see that of course) but its because of our ridiculously incompetent CEO, egomaniac mayor, our bought and paid for news outlets (suntimes,trib), huge class sizes with no resources, siphoned public dollars to charters who perform no better, being used as a scapegoat for failure, hearing about "assessments & data", the list could go on....I will not mention pay though. I will gladly take a pay freeze if class sizes, funding, & resources are addressed. But, I don't see pigs flying yet. At least CTU teachers can use our meager amount of leverage through our only opportunity which is a strike.

  • This is just silly. While, I wish it were true that this post has made me think it has done just the opposite. It's shut my, and others, thinking down (as you can tell by the comments). The best way to make sure people don't open their minds is to present a view point that is so foolish or one sided it just reenforces people's beliefs. I'm sorry to say, Alex, but if you were a teacher you'd realize this. What your (sarcastic?) reply tells me is that you are blaming the readers for not opening their minds to your idea about youth violence. This is like a teacher who blames their kids when a large portion fail an exam. If you want people to open their minds when talking about changes to their livelihood you must present information in a way that allows people believe that your true interests are intellectual curiosity (not politics, the public shaming of teachers, or # of comments to your blog).

    Instead of responding defensively maybe you should look in the mirror and reflect (something good teachers do everyday all day). Did you get to your intended goal? How do you know? What did the readers *actually* get out of it? How could you have done it differently? What will you do next time?

    When the conversation is about the blogger and not content you know something has gone wrong. As it stands you just come off like even more of a jerk and I wouldn't be surprised to find the smart folks around here going somewhere else for their CPS gossip and conversation.

  • This is disgusting. As a CPS teacher I take great offense. I am not safe in New York. I see this violence that permeates our city on a weekly if not daily level. 3 of my students have been killed in the last 5 years. That doesn't include the siblings, parents, cousins, and friends. Everyday, I see kids who are sure as heck showing signs of PTSD. I go to wakes, I comfort students, I counsel them about ending the cycle of violence, I work at getting the ones who want out of gangs out, and I break the news to parents that their children aren't as innocent as they'd like to think. I have cried for, with, and about the violence my students endure and you equate this with a labor struggle? How dare you. Maybe if people take it personally, it is because it is personal to us on the front lines. Standing up for myself in a non-violent way is a lesson I'm teaching my students too. If you ever get tired of pontificating, there are a lot of us trying to make a difference. I might suggest you start with Pastor Corey Brooks. He's trying to do a lot of good on a very small budget:

  • fb_avatar

    The CTU is not interested in saving jobs of minority teachers. Just as they are unconcerned about the epidemic of violence in minority communities. Their job is to keep the union solvent with as many dues paying members as possible. If you are waiting on the CTU for help in the community, you need your head examined. They don't even care about their own members to whom Karen Lewis has helped to get fired by constantly picking fights with the mayor at the teachers expense. By the way 4,000 are fired and gone because of Lewis's big fat mouth!

  • In reply to Carol Jackson:

    I agree. The CTU is not interested in saving teacher jobs and they are cold hearted to the violence in our communities. They are just like the bankers. Concerned only with cash flow and profit that greases their greedy little palms. I can't believe they actually think they can get away with driving a Bentley when they visit schools!

    And CTU definitely does not care about its members. Karen Lewis has fired thousands of teachers herself! CPS has just allowed her to stomp all over District 299 teachers. If Karen Lewis was skinnier I think more teachers would still have their jobs. And all this "fighting" that the CTU does just causes more problems for us. If Karen Lewis really cared about me she would do exactly what the mayor tells her to. Then no one would get fired!

  • In reply to district299reader:

    You're an idiot. I and everyone else who read it is now dumber as a result.

  • In reply to Carol Jackson:

    Bullocks! Ignorant post! Rahm's secretary or CPS PR folks must be staying up late to post. Another Rahm Troll!

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to Carol Jackson:

    Why should the CTU save jobs of minority teachers? How about just teachers?

  • How many of these poor kids were killed while in school?

  • Has anyone else noticed how bazaar the comments get
    towards the end of the year?
    Not only students get PTSS teachers are not immune.
    Posting the names of kids killed this year is not cool
    especially to those of us who knew some of the recently
    departed as human beings not number 7.

  • Chicago: still number one corrupt city in America and getting more corrupt

    Increasing homicide rate
    Increase in child poverty
    Increase in child homelessness
    Increase in charter schools
    Increasing attacks on labor
    Increasing unemployment rates
    Increasing apartment rental prices
    Home property depreciation for 7 straight months

    But still high is the Chicagoans ‘consumer confidence’

    This has become the dumbest city with the dumbest citizens with the worst mayor in American History

  • In reply to district299reader:

    You're welcome to leave at anytime.

  • Already did!

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