Network Appeals To Charter Commission

One of the changes to state education law that you may not have paid much attention to is the creation of a new state charter school commission, which has the authority to hear appeals from charter applicants that have been denied and to approve new charters that may not be wanted by the districts in which they are to operate. One such applicant in Chicago is Eunoia, who is appealing to the state charter commission after having been turned down by CPS in its effort to open two schools.  Previously, applicants could re-apply the next year (like the Avondale Montessori folks did, successfully) but couldn't appeal to another agency for immediate approval.  In the meantime, the commission is going through some settling in issues, including figuring out how to get paid as state employees even though their salaries are covered by donations and fees. School Tech Connect has some video and amusing commentary to go along with it.



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  • So there is a state commission that takes complaints from private companies (charter schools) complaining that school districts (which are public entities) will not hire them? What a load of sh*#!!! Private companies don't have such rights. If a school district doesn't want to hire your company, tooooo baaaaadd!!

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