NATO Nonsense

Today's news:  It's NATO time, and that means protests and some school closings. Lowly student surveys turn out to be as good or better as the million--dollar observation rubrics that have been developed, so districts like CPS are going to start using them to help rate teachers.  Rahm's poll results are out -- not great, but not bad, either. Lots of reader comments about the contract negotiations.

8 Anti-NATO Protesters Arrested Outside Obama Campaign HQ CBS2: Occupy Chicago was joined by members of the Chicago Teachers Union and students took part in the rally. They tried to tie education issues to more global issues.

More Schools Closing for NATO Weekend: More schools and downtown businesses are encouraging students and workers to avoid the Loop.

Special Segment: Safety Shock ABC7:  In fact, ABC7 found that Chicago Public Schools typically keep all AEDs inside school buildings -- and sometimes that's far away from the athletic action.

Student surveys to be used to rate teachers in pilot program The Hechinger Report: By the fall of 2013, that figure will be 10 percent in the Chicago public schools.

Chicagoans like Emanuel's job performance, though not overwhelmingly Tribune: Chicagoans generally approve of Mayor Rahm Emanuel's job performance but are taking a wait-and-see attitude on whether he's making the city a better place to live, a new Tribune/WGN-TV poll shows. Voters also are sharply split on the question of...

With post-prom events, parents can relax and enjoy, too Sun Times:  Details may swirl in the minds of some high school upperclassmen about prom arrangements and what to wear, but their parents aren’t losing sleep, thanks to a supervised post-prom event at many schools.

Cloud computing raises student privacy concerns Catalyst (oped): But in digging deeper, there are significant security and privacy concerns that this decision raises that present real and potential dangers to the students, teachers and administrators in CPS.

Dear Mr. Mayor: Why I Will Not Teach in Your Schools KatieO:  For the past few years, I have been toying with the idea of returning to work in the Chicago Public Schools. But I refuse to teach in your schools.

An open letter to all you Lousy Teachers The Short Bus: This is directed to all you lame ass teachers out there that make all of the good teachers in this country look bad. I am sick and tired of you idiots who should never have been granted certification in the first place giving my profession a bad reputation.


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  • @CrainsChicago: Ex-Chicago Public Schools chief Vallas lands $1 million state contract

  • In reply to Alexander Russo:

    Vallas should leave education to educators, leave education and make and HONEST living! Tax payer clowned again! Chico, Dem Machine veteran, and now at the top of ISBE, must have greased the wheels on gifting no nothing Vallas a million dollars. This is absurd.

  • fb_avatar

    How was there another hurricane? Earthquake? How can he carpetbag with no natural disaster?

  • Why when all of Chicago is being asked to avoid going into the city would CPS Sports schedule this FRIDAY the baseball City Finals at the Cell and the Softball semifinals at UIC? Then the Softball Finals on Saturday at UIC and the baseball finals on Monday at Wrigley?

    Didn't CPS Sports Admin get the NATO message? Asking teenagers with bats to take public transportation into the city (as some schools do not provide buses for their players on the weekends) on those days could be dangerous? Or just teenage fans that want to support their teams? Didn't CPS Sports Admin get the NATO memo from RAHM?

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