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Today's news includes coverage of the NATO summit and related strikes, which include some labor and education issues, plus the entirely unsurprising news that Payton, Whitney Young (pictured), Northside, etc. are on the Newsweek list of top high schools.  Pretty much the same list as the US News list from a few weeks ago.  Lots of interesting comments over the weekend about the proposal to grow charters in Chicago (see previous post, "Meet The PRI").


NATO Protesters Rally In Support Of Education, Labor & Living Wages Progress IL:  More than 2,000 NATO and anti-war protestors gathered in Grant Park Sunday before they took to the streets and descended on McCormick Place where world leaders are meeting for the summit.

Nurses rally and play Robin Hood Mike Klonsky:  Good afternoon sisters and brother. My name is Kristine Mayle and I am the Financial Secretary of the Chicago Teachers Union. Many of my members have asked me to convey to you that they wanted to be here today, but they cannot because they are out there in the neighborhoods, serving the 400,000 students in the Chicago Public Schools.

Chicago students excited to host Michelle Obama ABC7: "Say yes to Chicago Public Schools," said Reed. After the event. Mrs. Obama will head back downtown and host a number of gatherings including a dinner for the spouses of NATO leaders at the Art Institute. Michelle Obama , NATO spouses visit youth ...

First lady takes guests to 'my backyard' Tribune:  Away from the clamor of protesters and the glitter of a city dressed up for the NATO summit, first lady Michelle Obama and the spouses of foreign heads of state spent Sunday afternoon on the South Side, less than a mile from the neighborhood where she...


Parents organize to protect area schools Catalyst:  After rumors circulated about plans to re-purpose the middle school, the group decided to form the Logan Square Schools Facilities Committee.  CPS officials denied the rumors, but parents are still skeptical, says Maria Trejo, a Logan Square Neighborhood Association staff member who works inside Ames.

NCHS saves historic mural from wrecking ball Tribune: Four years ago, Lake Forest College had three times as many student applicants from abroad as from Chicago Public Schools, located about 30 miles away. CPS students didn't consider the tranquil campus in the affluent North Shore suburb when they...

'Idol' finalist James Durbin and Chicago high schooler pair up for Tourette's documentary Fox: Robin decided to bring out the cameras and develop a documentary about Small’s journey.  They found a help hand in American Idol finalist James Durbin, who also struggled with Tourette's as a ...

Urban schools: Adults taking responsibility Twin Cities Planet: Dr. Timothy Knowles, John Dewey Director of the University of Chicago UEI drove home this point, saying, “We need to make schools great, interesting places for adults to be. ... We have to focus on making schools interesting places for adults and ..."


1000 Schools That Made the Grade Newsweek: The schools that made our top 1000 tend to be relatively small and concentrated in metropolitan areas. Seventy-four percent have fewer than 2000 students, and more than one quarter are located in or near New York, Chicago, or Los Angeles.

Newsweek's Top 20 High Schools: Midwest Daily Beast: From a per-capita standpoint, the midwest has a commendable population of the nation's best high schools. Stellarschools populate the areas surrounding Chicago and Detroit, and pepper the terrain of Ohio, Nebraska and Indiana.



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  • can we talk about the the new start times of CPS elementary schools ?
    Our school is presently a 9am start time time . Next year we are looking at 7:45am. The majority of parents and children are unhappy with this very early start time. Hopefully our school will appeal this time.
    Kids had trouble with the 8 am start time!
    Our school is a full magnet without bussing. Young children come on public transportation . This means that these young children will be Waiting for a bus in the wee hours of a dark winter morning to get to school . Most children have hours of homework . How are they going to get 8 hours of sleep if they have to be at school at 7:45.
    This is just another plan not thought out well by CPS . Though they do claim some erroneous study done on traffic and safety to back up the staggered start time. I think it is a bunch of Bologna! I find less traffic between 8 & 9 locally to get my child to school .

  • In reply to Guatemom:

    We are a full magnet high school, with many students commuting for over an hour each way on CTA. We've been told to start at 6:30 am. I can't believe this is a serious proposition. That means I will need to be here before 6.

  • In reply to Donald:

    The new start times are posted on the Cps website. They first is 7:45 and the last is 9am. I am not sure where the the 6;30am time comes from. I do know that High Schools have a very early start which goes against a major study that shows that teenagers do better with a late start time. I guess CPS didnt watch NOVA.( laughter). Is your school a charter or high school? I believe that any school that starts before 9am is not child centered.
    I went to school LIncoln school which hard a start time of 9am and end time at 3 or 3;30. I think the school still has the same hours..they have been doing great for years and years and years. I think we kids of the 60's and 70's did alright. Right Rod????

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    School of architecture: A look at sprawling Chicago Vocational @WBEZeducation

  • Headache299
    A little NATO violence, Chicago Style

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