Homeboy Chicago?

LA doesn't have CeaseFire (that I know of) but Chicago doesn't have Homeboy Industries, LA's long-running nonprofit social services program (that I know of), either. Homebody  isn't technically an education program, but the initiative  -- described in Douglas McGray's recent Fast Company article, "House Of Second Chances" -- is full of education connections and lessons for those educators working with or learning about social services agencies.  The program’s executive director, a Jesuit priest named Greg Boyle, frequently tells unemployed ex-convicts “You are so much more than the worst thing that you have done” – then finds them jobs or hires them himself.  In addition to job training and job referrals, Homeboy offers tattoo removal (which helps ex gangbangers find jobs).  The program had to be bailed out in 2010 and one of the folks who helped, Bruce Karatz, was a disgraced executive from KB Industries, Eli Broad’s company. Writer McGray is the guy who wrote the May 2009 profile of Steve Barr and Green Dot.  That is all.


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  • Why does Alderman Solis not let CeaseFire work in Pilsen!!! NO GANG problems I guess! Alderman Solis, name one constructive thing you have done for your neighborhood public schools in Pilsen? Name one!

  • I'm not a fan of Solis, but the expansion of Juarez High School is significant. Besides that he probably hasn't done much.

  • In reply to district299reader:

    Solis did not start expansion of Juarez HS. His predecessor started that project. Solis has done NOTHING for public schools in his ward. We all know that!

  • Crease fires have worked on and off across Chicago for years (some better than other). But it is always worth a try

  • Headache 299
    Solis is a problem for public school teachers and needs to be voted out – remember Whittier? The community had been asking Solis and CPS for repair for years. Ben Joravsky wrote about that along with Solis’ misuse of TIFs a while back at


    And concerning the generous alderman pension deal, these guys work 20 years and average $81, 000 a year which grows by 3 percent compound annually


    So when the alderman call for a 40% reduction in suspension and expulsions for traditional schools but not charters, and cps responds with restorative justice training, they are willfully setting the traditional schools up for more failure and greasing the palms of the likes of Rahm and Rauner…

    I’m sure the CPS publicity unit will have the papers write all about the high effectiveness of peace circles and restorative justice…what they won’t tell you is that the funding for the programs is basically zero…right now, its three days of summer training for security guard…
    so how is that different from what most cps traditional public schools have currently?

    No difference, with the one major exception that schools will have to prove they have reduced suspensions, detentions and expulsions, or face the ‘failing schools’ consequences, mass teacher firings, school closings,...

    …so guess who will do the restorative justice?

    The same people who do it now!…teachers during what should be science….teachers during preparation periods…the principals when they are supposed to be off to one of their network meetings…assistant principals assigned to sub a class, and next year teachers can do it during the longer school day ‘recess’

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