Friday NATO Day

Today's news includes coverage of the NATO conference (CPS is staying open), North Chicago's financial woes, and Eric Zorn's complaints about school robo-calls. At bottom you'll also find coverage of a study showing that 7.5 million kids are absent every day and that attendance averages hide chronic attendance problems focused on a handful of students. Yes, that's JCB at Mitchelle ES.

State to send financial oversight panel, consultants to North Chicago WBEZ:  More state control is coming to the troubled public schools in suburban North Chicago.The Illinois Board of Education voted Thursday to put a five-member panel in charge of North Chicago school finances.

Panel to oversee district's spending Tribune: After the state schools chief described the North Chicago school district's budgetary condition as a "train wreck," the State Board of Education gave unanimous approval Thursday to establishing a financial oversight panel to control the district's ...

IL school chief warns of possible cuts to general state aid for schools Illinois Statehouse News: Illinois’ school chief this week sounded the alarm on possible cuts to the amount of money the state will give local schools during the coming fiscal year.

Chicago Goes Into Security Lockdown Daily Beast: However Chicago public schools, even those just blocks from McCormick Place, will be up and running both days, and expect students to plan their routes to school accordingly.

30 students hospitalized after being sickened at school in Antioch Sun Times:  Thirty elementary students at a north suburban school were hospitalized after fumes from small kiln fire made them sick.

Attacks on teachers aim to weaken unions Workers World: Chicago Teachers Union President Karen Lewis said, “I have never, in my 22 years of teaching and being in the classroom, seen this kind of hostility and this disrespect for teachers.”

Is it just me, or are schools abusing their robo-calling privileges? Tribune (Zorn): Finals are coming up. Don't forget there will be no school Monday.  Tickets are now on sale for the dance. This will be the final weekend for the drama club musical...

Emanuel Says Spirit Of People On Trouble Neighborhoods Has Moved Him Most Windy Citizen: On the one year anniversary of becoming Chicago’s mayor, Rahm Emanuel was talking Wednesday about what has surprised him about the job over the past 12 months.

Up to 15 Percent of Students Chronically Skip School, Johns Hopkins Finds NYT: A study by researchers at John Hopkins University found that as many as 15 percent of students miss at least one school day in 10, and have gone undetected because of the way attendance is measured. ALSO Chronic Absenteeism Hurts Millions Of Students HuffPost, Study: 7.5 million students miss a month of school each year USAT



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  • Big surprise Chicago not sending team to next week's USDE Labor Management Conference

  • No, but Rochester is. I noticed that no big city district is sending representatives.

  • They tried to have CO workers call parents to remind them of the first day of school. JCB even took a shift. Most phone numbers were disconnected or wrong numbers. They did the same thing during the big flu scare with the same result.

  • Nurses lead thousands in Chicago anti-NATO march

  • In reply to district299reader:

    What CPS BS and hypocrisy! Chicago should understand the hypocrisy and BS it puts out on the CPS website. Honoring Nurses yet wanting to fire them all! Yes, FIRE them all! Brizard saying teachers are the backbone? What total BS. How can Brizard say that when he wants the incompetent charter companies to solve the problem he doesn't know how to fix, but is obliged to follow Rahm and his Millionaires Club on closing 100 schools. Brizard, you have NO credibility with teachers!

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