CPS Debunks Union Claims

Today's news includes a concerted pushback from CPS against some of the details and claims coming out of CTU regarding its proposals, plus an update on the new student verification process that has some people scratching their heads and a post-trial debrief with Hudson jury foreman Robert Smith, a CPS bus aide. Imaga via WBEZ


Poll shows members unhappy with contract proposal Catalyst:  CPS negotiators have not included any proposal about a test-based merit pay system, Carroll said. Instead, the proposal is to have CPS and CTU come together next year to create a mutually agreed upon compensation plan, she said.

CTU conducts a poll as a test run to a strike vote Tribune: "It's a push poll ... with questions written in a certain way to get a desired result," CPS spokeswoman Becky Carroll said. "The union leadership is distributing factually inaccurate and grossly misleading information to its members about contract proposals that are clearly designed to create fear."

Chicago teachers polled in "dry run" strike vote WBEZ:  The school district posted to its web site a page refuting the union’s description of the proposals, point by point. Carroll says many of the changes the board is seeking would eliminate antiquated provisions of the contract. She said teachers should focus on students and leave negotiations to union leadership.

Jesse Sharkey on Chicago Public Schools Fox:  Chicago Teachers Union Vice President Jesse Sharkey joined FOX Chicago Sunday this week.


Chicago privatizing teacher evaluations? Democratic Underground: The first public exposure of the system came in the form of a "Roster Verification" memo dated May 2, 2012 and issued jointly by Chicago Public Schools and an outfit called "Batelle for Kids..."

CPS explains student 'verification' Catalyst:  To understand more on how this verification process might work, Catalyst contacted CPS. Here are our questions and their answers:


Jury: Jennifer Hudson stardom no factor in murders verdict Gannett: Jury foreman Robert Smith speaks to the media outside the courtroom Friday. “I hope she can put this thing behind her and get on with the rest of her life,” said Smith, a 47-year-old employee at Chicago Public Schools.


City to give $2 million to companies that hire City Colleges grads Sun Times:  In a commencement address to 3,300 graduates of the City Colleges of Chicago Saturday, Mayor Rahm Emanuel announced a $2 million stipend to be paid to companies that hire those grads. The money covers their pay for the first month of work.

State hand getting tighter on suburban North Chicago schools WBEZ:  State education officials stepped up involvement in North Chicago last month, announcing plans to do something they've never done before--replace the locally elected school board.

North Shore college targets CPS students Tribune: 1st class of Chicago Scholars graduating in Lake Forest Four years ago, Lake Forest College had three times as many student applicants from abroad as from Chicago Public Schools, located about 30 miles away.

A Chicago Writer on Bullying, and Getting Through It Whet Moser: Stephanie Kuehnert looks back on bullying and homophobia for Rookie, while the Washington Post looks into Mitt Romney's past, and his high school during the 1960s.

The right person at the right time Depaulia:  City Year works with students to promote constructive learning environments in Chicago Public Schools. It’s 7:15 a.m . and the sun is rising on Kelvyn Park High School in Chicago’s Hermosa community.


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  • CTU members, you cannot believe a word that comes out of CPS spokeswoman Becky Carroll's mouth!

  • Is the picture REALLY what the CTU posed to vote on? It reads more like a Saturday Night Live skit. It is pathetic, unprofessional, filled with vague generalities and is not clear what they are asking. It can be interpreted so many different ways because it is not clear. I am so concerned if this is the best CTU can do! If I am risking the loss of pay, I want the poll to be accurate and clear as to exactly what I am voting on.

  • fb_avatar

    If you were risking the loss of pay by voting, then you would have already seen that poll.

    Central office shills aside, I thought the poll was fine. I don't think the Brizard question is really that helpful--I imagine it was added to reflect the no confidence vote in Rochester, but removing him would do little--but otherwise, I thought it was a pretty good poll.

  • It was not a VOTE , it was a POLL. The Union is trying to get the mood of its teachers / staff , and to see how far they are willing to go. Was it phrased in a slightly manipulative way ? Yes, as are most polls we get at home for any number of reasons. But I don't find it a problem, in that I would have voted "yes" even if it was more clearly stated , as in , "do you support a strike by the CTU?".
    Just the offer of a 2% raise for 1 year ( but on a 5 year contract) is ridiculous and grounds enough for a strike. Any teacher who votes for that offer doesn't know how to do basic math.

  • Besides, CPS already knows what teachers think of the 2% offer . Only 13 schools took them up on it THIS year, even with extra money thrown in for the school. Out of over 600 schools, that's not too good. Why would they think anything has changed now ?

  • Catalyst had the same image up on their site. Reporter Sarah Karp responded to my query that she got it from Becky Carroll, CPS spokesman. I'm wondering if WBEZ got it from the same place.

    If a union member photocopied or "faxed" an actual document for CPS, then it was a despicable act.

  • In reply to Danaidh:

    The Chicago Tribune (sweet irony) just released a poll it conducted that shows that Chicago voters side with the CTU's position to Ed reform over Emmanuel's position by a 2-1 ratio. O.K. Becky Carroll, good luck spinning this one! Oops, you can't!

  • Would you strike???.......YES!!!!!

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