West Side Principals' Network

Some unconfirmed tidbits from the West Side network principals' meeting, sent in by a friend of the blog, plus a Powerpoint deck from the meeting:

1) Principal (Stephen Ngo) from World Language is leaving to take over Steinmetz.  In its 7 years, World Language has now had 4 principals and will now need a 5th for year # 8.

(2) Principal at Social Justice quit in middle of year to take Assistant Principal job at Blaine.  They hired a new one but the campus is in chaos.

(3) Look at freshmen on track data. No way are neighborhood schools legitimately 90 % + on track (MAS or Mason) .  They are cooking the books by telling freshman teachers not to fail anyone unless the students never show to class

(4) new teacher analysis data from new district mid term assessments will be available to principals and department chairs.  Apparently, the data wonks don't understand the limitations/ ridiculousness of "small sample size."  Also, no data whatsoever that shows reliability or validity of these new interim assessments.

(5) there's no evidence that any of this improves instruction.  It's the "Moneyball"ization of education.  It didn't help the Oakland A's win a world series, and it's not going to help the CPS crank out "smarter" students.

Is this information accurate?  Check it out and let us know.  You can email me directly at district299@gmail.com if you don't want to post publicly.

April Principal's Meeting Draft Deck



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  • Attendance can also be a BS metric. Students will miss a class because of cutting or an absence. School will then have student sit in deterntion after school for 45 minutes to make up the missed class time. They call it "recovery." Sure, student makes up the missed time in school, but it is just warehousing -- there's no learning happening. This just shows that any system can be "gamed" to move a school from Tier 3 probation to Tier 2.

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