Stand For Children (Again)

Stand For Children has been around a little while now, and they've had their ups and downs (including most recently appearing to have been caught off guard by Rahm's retreat on the ultralong day).  But they've started a Chicago chapter and they relaunched over the weekend and Catalyst was there so let's start with that for today's education news:

Stand for Children holds Chicago kickoff Catalyst: Several hundred people, including many parents and dozens of members of Students for Education Reform groups at local universities, packed a room at downtown Roosevelt University on Saturday morning for the launch of Stand for Children's Chicago chapter. Outside, members of the Chicago Teachers Union critical of Stand for Children held a picket, chanting "Billionaires, billionaires, we're no fools, Stand For Children destroys our schools."

Suburban school districts explore lunch requirement WBEZ: School officials in Niles say the number of students taking class instead of lunch is on the rise. Kaine Osburn, principal at Niles West High School, said the change is mostly due to scheduling conflicts.

CPS using state money to pay debt WBEZ: CPS is using state funds to pay off its debt: $160 million last year alone. That’s 17 percent of Chicago’s general state aid, which is state money meant to follow students. CPS budget director Ginger Ostro said it's not a new practice, but lawmakers were still caught off guard.

Love of animals leads to Fetch! Sun Times: Heading home from her job at the Chicago Public Schools about five years ago, Erin McBride was intrigued by a story she saw in a local newspaper about a national pet care company that was seeking to expand through franchisees. Although she had grown up in the western suburbs, attending Nazareth Academy, McBride had just moved to Chicago because of the job requirements.

3 Chicago-area schools honored for 'green' initiatives ABC: Federal officials have nominated three Chicago-area schools for an awards program recognizing environmental stewardship.

Six community members vying for two spots on Young Elementary's LSC AustinTalks: Truss said there's been talk from Chicago Public Schools that teachers will have a prep period next school year, but he said he wonders who will be watching the children during that time. “Who's going to cover the classrooms?” he said.

Report finds many girls and LGBTQ students feel unsafe in Chicago public schools Medill: Sexual harassment strikes nearly half of Chicago Public middle and high school students, according to a report released Wednesday evening by Chicagoland Researchers and Advocates for Transformative Education. And nearly 65 percent of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgendered, and queer and questioning students feel unsafe, according to the same report.

Chicago high school rooftop garden combats childhood obesity Medill: Obesity rates among children have almost tripled since 1980, according to the CDC. This is a growing concern in Chicago's Humboldt Park. One local high school has taken action against the disease and is seeing progress.

Theodis R. Leonard, 78, retired principal of Chicago’s Paderewski School Sun Times: In 1965, he began teaching at Chicago’s Gregory School. He stayed there for 25 years, also serving as a guidance counselor and assistant principal, Turner said. He was active in the Chicago Teachers Union during the era of two city labor leaders who were as powerful as steamrollers — and just as effective: Robert Healey and Jacqueline Vaughn.


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  • "225 parents and community members from every part of the city joined our parent leaders as we discussed how to work together to build better public schools.

    Jesse Ruiz, CPS Board member, addressed the crowd and committed to work with Stand. Phil Hampton, CPS's new family engagement director did as well. We had many state elected officials there also committed to working with Stand members to continue to prioritize children in the education debate.

    Join your fellow Chicagoans as we continue the work to:
    Hold the Mayor and CPS accountable for a longer school day policy that is best for kids.
    Create quality public school options in every neighborhood, regardless of race, class, or socioeconomic status.
    Advocate for fully resourced schools that allow for children and educators to have the foundation they need for success.
    Just like Stand parent leader Leonard Rau said when addressing the crowd about a longer, better school day, "We want what is best for our kids. Not what is easiest, not what is best for us, but what is best for our kids."

    It's going to take all of us working together. The crowd was fired up and we're looking forward to moving the needle forward on keeping kids at the center of our decision making. "

  • In reply to Alexander Russo:

    Does that mean that they will follow the RESEARCH based CTU The Schools Chicago's Students Deserve priorities? Or just BS the public with more distracting side shows. CTU has been asking for a BETTER DAY and and end to the apartheid practiced by CPS School Board and CPS CEO's.

  • Mary Schmich wins Pulitzer for columns like this one

  • Stand for Children are hired guns for the conservative billionaires and millionaries who want to control the public school systems across the nation!

  • A focus on the plight of girls in our schools is long overdue, and the Medill article is a step in the right direction, though girl on girl violence didn't get enough attention. As a matter of fact, violent victimization of students in our schools is long overdue for exposure, instead of the du jour favorite topic of "school house to jail house track".
    For an example of the kind of treatment of the subject that Chicago Public Schools need, read the series in the Philadelphia Enquirer that was just awarded the Pulitzer Prize.
    Just substitute Chicago for Philadelphia and you'll know what the real story is. Is any Chicago media outlet brave enough?

  • Stand For Children stand for, Stand For Money!

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