Report Card / LSC Election Day 2

What does one do for childcare or to fill the time when it's report card pickup day, as it is today?  I'm always wondering.  For parents, it's a pain.  For teachers, it's either busy or very slow depending on who you talk to.  In education news today:  Emanuel probably didn't vote in his local LSC election, the state doesn't have enough money to deal with the cheatin backlog,  and Charlotte Danielson was in town explaining how everyone's going to be fired evaluated in the future.

Mayor Emanuel thinks he voted WBEZ: Mayor Rahm Emanuel says he believes he may have voted in today’s local school council elections, though his answer wasn’t too convincing.

State cheating investigation stalled WBEZL Illinois education officials say cases of cheating on state exams by teachers and principals are on the rise. Those cases add to a pile of about 300 other cases of misconduct that range from cheating to inappropriate relationships with students.

Training vital to success of new teacher evaluations WBEZ: Teachers and school leaders in suburban Chicago are doing their homework on new state-mandated evaluation systems.Last night, they took a lesson from Charlotte Danielson, an international expert in teacher effectiveness, whose detailed framework for classroom observations is being used more and more. ALSO: Catalyst tweets and pics here.

Teachers pension fund paid a whopping $1.3 billion in fees . . . for what? Sun Times: Illinois’ largest public employee pension fund paid more than $1 billion in fees to hundreds of financial managers over the past decade but reaped only a paltry annual return on its investments over that same period, according to a Better Government Association investigation.

Chicago teachers seek state fix for pension deficit WBEZ: Public pensions throughout Illinois are hurting and that includes the Chicago Teachers Pension Fund (CTPF). It’s underfunded by millions of dollars. Senate Bill 3628 would have the state of Illinois pump $270 million into the fund next year.

IT'S ALL ABOUT TRUST AT CITY HALL Sun-Times (Mark Brown): The bigger news was probably the City Council approving Emanuel’s plan to install cameras near schools and parks to catch speeders, followed closely by a temporary delay of a vote on his novel Infrastructure Trust plan for six days, at which time he intends to ram it through as planned.

Why Chicago Schools Brought Back Gym The Root: But Chicago Public Schools plans to reinstate a physical education requirement for all high school juniors and seniors for the 2013-14 school year, said Frank Shuftan, a district spokesman. Recess will also return for all elementary schools next fall.

Arts high school taking over Malcolm X College Austin Weekly News: "As a district, it is our goal to find the best possible facilities to meet the ever-changing needs of our students and promote academic growth and success," Chicago Public Schools CEO Jean-Claude Brizard said in an emailed statement.

Our fight for better schools Tribune (editorial): As the Chicago Teachers Union and the Chicago Board of Education navigate a very difficult series of negotiations for the next teachers contract, it is important to remember that those who dedicate their lives to children and the profession of teaching...

The Management Techniques of Chicago Mayors Chicago Magazine: The press likes to write about Rahm Emanuel's fast-paced, intimidating managerial style. As these things go in the boring 21st century it's neat enough, but nothing like Big Bill Thompson and his "prize model sailboat."


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  • Jennifer Cheatham, Chief of Instruction said next school year students will be dismissed early on report card pickup day so that teachers can see parents for 5 1/2 hours out of a 7 or 7 1/2 hour day. Check out the Board of Education last meeting on TV or your computer and you will here her say this during the business meeting part of the school board meeting.

  • Ms. Cheatham, the top school districts embed real time during the day for real collaboration time. Jen, you know your boss is taking away Professional Development time during the school year. There is no coverage offered in your longer so teachers can collaborate. The bankrupt way of thinking on Clark St is
    If you read, I imagine you read, Ms. Cheatham, books like Imagine: How Creativity Works by Jonah Lehrer will tell you that the factory model of schooling is dead. Why you clowns on Clark st offer no resources to neighborhood schools is beyond me. 166 schools without a library is ludicrous.


  • Sorry for typo, hear not here.

  • He *thinks* he voted?

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    The Welles Park Bulldog received confirmation that Mayor Rahm Emanuel walked from his home to Lake View High School to vote in the high school LSC elections. He voted at 8.15A on Thursday.

  • In reply to Patrick Boylan:

    Reader's Ben Joravsky wrote that only parents got to vote in LSC elections, now apologizes

  • In reply to Alexander Russo:

    Ben Joravsky apologized (too profusely if you ask me) for what otherwise should have been a simple retraction. The Wilmette Ballerina is a compulsive liar who never admits he told an untruth. Shortstuff Emanuel will say anything to further the goals of his fellow plutocrats.

  • In reply to Patrick Boylan:

    That's well and good that he voted on Thursday at LVHS, but what about the day before when he was asked if he voted and--after a bit of confusion--asserted that he had, indeed, voted. Can the WPB confirm that Emmanuel voted on Wednesday? (the day he said he voted).

  • In reply to Patrick Boylan:

    There seems to be a glitch in Rahm’s time-lie – I mean, time-line!

  • "Federal court rules Chicago teachers don't have rehire rights" -

  • Headache299
    At least Joravsky immediately wrote an apology concerning his mistake. Remember when Rahm lied about Charters? Not just a mistake, but calculated misinformation crafted to mislead the public…and did Rahm ever apologize?

  • Why Chicago Schools Brought Back Gym: "Since 1997, most of the city's 675 schools have waived the physical education requirement for many of its 405,000 students because of budget shortfalls."

    This isn't true.

    CPS added 2 years of foreign language as a requirement for high school graduation, and something else had to go to make room for it. That was phys ed. It had nothing to do with budget shortfalls.

  • I just think that report card pick up should be reorganized. For example, at our school you only meet with the homeroom teacher and can only discuss the subject they teach your child. What if your concerns are with other subjects? I realize that as a parent an individual conference can be set up with each teacher before or after report card pick up but report card pick up is pushed on parents as if it is the place to find out everything. It should be just what it is-report card pick up. It's not conference day. Most of the time the teachers are backed up and it's clear they are rushing the parents. Not the fault of the teacher, mostly fault of the parent who came late from meeting with a different teacher. If something so important is lurking with a student, it should not wait until report card pick up. Communication with teachers is important and I do that several times per week. Having said that, the actual report card pick up day is a waste of time for some.

  • With privacy protections, couldn't technology be used to connect teachers, students & parents? The report card pick up is a waste of everybody's time. Use other means to communicate in a timely way with everyone involved.

  • from a reader curious about sleeping judges and the LSC election challenge process:

    "We had a very close election at our northside school (three votes separated sixth and seventh place in the parent election) and had 325 total ballots cast. Of those ballots, 35 were declared invalid by the election judge (11 percent, which is outrageously high). One of the candidates in the room during the ballot counting actually picked them up and leafed through them and told another person in the room the intent for almost every one of them was clear – but they were marked with checkmarks instead of an X. While the ballot itself states you must use an X to select the five names, there were huge irregularities with the process. Several parents went in to vote and the election judge was sleeping – yes, actually sleeping. Others said she was awake when they were there, but not giving any verbal instructions. Others were not even checked for ID. There was also a stack of candidate statements sitting on the voting table for some period of time, which is against the election rules.

    "Several candidates have expressed a desire to have the ballots rechecked and admitted if the intent is clear. We have been told they are in a sealed envelope and the only way they get opened is if a challenge is filed. At that time, an LSC election official downtown will make the determination. My question is, does anyone out there know of any successful ballot challenges and if so, what were the issues and the ultimate ruling?"

    any help?

  • This is the information from the CPS website, it is my understanding that one north side election is already being challenged.
    "Results of the LSC Election can be challenged after an LSC election has taken place. Post-election Challenge forms must be completed and submitted to the Law Department by 5:00 p.m. on April 27.
    After a challenge is filed, the CPS Law Department determines the merits of the challenge. If the challenge is found to have merit, a hearing will take place before an independent hearing officer between May 2 and May 25.
    At the hearing, the challenger(s) and the challenged candidate will be given an opportunity to present evidence and testimony in support of and in opposition to the challenge.
    After the hearing, the Chief Executive Officer, or designee, will rule on the challenge, either upholding it or denying it.
    The Law Department will notify the challenger(s) and the challenged candidate of the results via certified mail. There is no appeal from the ruling of the Chief Executive Officer, or designee, on a post-election challenge.
    Post-election challenge form
    Download and complete the Post Election Challenge Form pdf icon English pdf icon Spanish. The form must be completed and submitted to the Law Department in person, by mail or by facsimile (773-553-1769) no later than 5 p.m. on April 27. If sent by facsimile, the challenger must retain the receipt.
    Was this information helpful? Give us your feedback."

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