Reduce Fighting With Biweekly Food Stamps

You don't care because you're on Spring Break and it's the beginning of the month, or maybe you knew this already, but researchers have found that kids get in more trouble towards the ends of months, especially kids on Food Stamps (ie, SNAP):  "Among students from SNAP families, disciplinary problems such as fighting, vandalism or weapons possession increased by almost 50 percent in the final week of the month compared with the first week, the researchers found," according to this Bloomberg News story (End-of-Month Hunger Hurts Students on Food Stamps. "For non-SNAP families, disciplinary events also rose, but significantly less.)"  They're recommending biweekly SNAP allocations.  What do you recommend?

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Chicago Teachers Union says polls show support for a strike Chicago Tribune: The Chicago Teachers Union says internal polling shows there is support for a strike if contract talks with Chicago Public Schools break down.

Forum: Schools need transparency SouthtownStar: Please help the Chicago Public Schools consider a more realistic increase to a 61/2-hour school day. A 71/2-hour day without a windfall in financial resources would not improve the school system.

Crime, education on table at Woodlawn talks – The Chicago Maroon
Jean-Claude Brizard, CEO of Chicago Public Schools (CPS), discussed the problem of low test scores and drop-out rates and entreated community members to

Schools weigh merits, costs of all-day kindergarten In Illinois, about 1,650 schools provide full-day programs, 332 offer half days and 338 offer both, according to the Illinois State Board of Education.

Dual enrollment gives teens a head start for college: Some high school students have found a cure for the senior blahs: "Dual" or "concurrent" college classes let them earn high school and college credits for the same course. Some students go to a college campus, usually a local community college, while...

Urban Gateways gala crowd abuzz about longer school days Crain's: In the shimmering light of the Venue One party room Friday, the buzz was about arts, education and the Chicago Board of Education's decision to lengthen school days and cut the Columbus and Pulaski holidays from the CPS calendar.

Success stories Tribune (Stephanie Neely, Treasurer City of Chicago): As a member of the Chicago Public Schools, Urban Prep is leading the charge on preparing young black men in urban centers for college and life. Urban Prep is continuously breaking barriers and defying the odds.

Noble Street defends discipline, academic recordCatalyst (Michael Milkie):  Almost all of the protesting of Noble’s discipline policy has been done by people outside of Noble Street who have never even visited a Noble campus. Our parents, alumni, teachers, and current students have shown overwhelming support for Noble’s discipline policy.

Finding new ways to help Oak Park's struggling middle-school studentsWednesday Journal: Carr became an AP at Julian, 416 S. Ridgeland Ave., this year, coming over from the Chicago Public Schools where she was a high school teacher.

For Teachers, More Time for Teamwork Huffington Post (blog): In my first two years as a world language teacher in Chicago Public Schools (CPS), I looked everywhere for opportunities to collaborate with other teachers. I read -- and continue to read -- national language listservs that are ...



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    Recommend working on fixing the fraud loop holes first, then address this second.

  • "Encouraging" early findings from College Match program at 3 CPS schools, says MDRC

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