No Room For Recess

Some LSC results are in -- but not most.  Poor Ogden International. Food drive.  What if CPS and City Hall required employees to vote in LSC elections every two years?  Would that help?  Or "I Voted" stickers?

Some Elem Schools Provide LSC Results - But Not All Center Square Journal: Waters elementary school's main office did not answer their phone after 3:30 pm Chicago Public Schools' communication office had unclear information about election result availability as well.

CPS teachers and contract negotiations Tribune (Karen Lewis oped):  While the Tribune points out that some language in the contract may be outdated, it fails to acknowledge anything of value in the document that has evolved over a period of nearly 45 years.

$51M school, but it's playground-poor Tribune: Upset with the situation, students and parents are planning a protest Friday at Bughouse Square, officially known as Washington Square Park, diagonally across the street from Ogden.

CPS will kickoff districtwide food drive Tribune: Staff and parents and children who opt to are being asked to bring non-perishable food items in sealed canned or plastic containers.

State moves to oust local school board WBEZ: Illinois state superintendent Christopher Koch is taking the first steps toward removing local school board members in two of the state’s lowest performing districts.The state currently helps run the public schools in North Chicago District 187 and East St.

Hundreds of Students from Chicago Area to Debate World Issues at 10th Annual Global Classrooms Model UN Conference Tribune: Participants from 25 Chicago Public Schools to simulate the United Nations’ work.Chicago, IL (PRWEB) April 20, 2012 More than 500 middle and high school students from the Chicago community will attend the United Nations Association of the USA’s (UNA-USA) Global Classrooms® Chicago Model UN Conference at the Illinois Institute of Technology Fri., Apr. 27. ..

Communications Department expands Substance:  The following people are now atop the CPS Communications Department: Becky Carroll, Chief Communications and Public Engagement Officer, Robyn Ziegler, Director of Media Affairs, Marielle Sainvilus, Press Secretary, Frank Shuftan, Deputy Press Secretary, Jamila Johnson, Deputy Press Secretary, and Katie Hickey, Assistant Press Secretary.

Group blasts racist post on school board member’s Facebook page Sun Times:  A Berwyn parents group on Thursday blasted the racist posts that appeared on the Facebook page of a local high school board member, as calls for him to resign mounted.


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  • Mayor Rahm learns about LSCs | Bleader

  • How many times does Emmanuel have to be caught bold-faced lying before the citizens of this city have had enough!

  • In reply to district299reader:

    I say to Mayor Rahm Emanuel, lier, lier, pants on fire!

  • If Rahm will lie about a simple LSC vote, what more will he lie about? RECALL.

  • It was a late night at the Welles Park Bulldog but we managed to get most of our LSC election results up that night. The straglers were posted this morning including high schools. It just takes a team of citizen journalists working together to get the job done.
    You can see the results here.

  • Charter seek more money to teach sped kids? Story at Catalyst.

  • In reply to district299reader:

    Charter schools have consistently been underfunded for special education services, it has been an issue for years. There are now charter schools with 15 to 19% of their populations with IEPs. There are also charter schools with relatively few children with IEPs. The truth of the matter is that as CPS reduces the number of traditional schools more and more moderately disabled students families are seeking enrollment in charter schools. Very few charter schools can address the needs of more disabled students.

    Just like traditional schools charter schools are all over the map in terms of competency in relation to instructing students with disabilities and they are all over the map in relation to their ability to provide services listed on IEPs. Charter schools are facing litigation in relation to their students with IEPs just like traditional schools do, overall charter schools seem to settle more frequently rather than to end up in due process. In certain situations it has been my impression that CPS has actually forced litigation in relation to charters by not approving support for children via its PARF staff allocation system.

    Rod Estvan

  • In reply to Rodestvan:


    It is my understanding that CPS will no longer provide clinician services to the charter schools. In 2012-2013, charters will need to hire their own clinicians (OT, PT, SPL, SC WK, PSYCH, and NUR) to provide IEP services and evaluations. It will be interesting to see how this works out.

    The charters are beginning to struggle with many issues. Edison Learning has broken their relationship with the four CICS campuses. Not sure why they are 'breaking up'; but I suspect money management is involved - it ususally is. Teachers at all four campuses must re-apply for their jobs, similar to the 'Turnaround' process at CPS. A new management company will be taking over for Edison.


  • In reply to Grace:

    Yes they do, but many haven't even started looking for SLPs & PSYs.
    Possibly they are hoping CPS will continue to send them.

  • I just had to chuckle when I read the article about the playground at Ogden.
    I drove by the school the other day and wondered where the kids would play. This school is literally lot line to lot line. It looks like a hospital not a school. Poor little rich kids have to play in a cage. How thoughtless of the the architects to busy building escalators and elevators that lead to the big pie in the sky cage!
    From what I understand the school is already way above capacity in it's first year. Classrooms are at 40 per grade. It is just like when they expand a highway and you think you'll have more room and less congestion but it doesnt work that way. It just means more people will use it and once again congestion!
    I wonder if the parents will go back to Latin and Parker after this little experiment with there neighborhood cps gold coast school.!

  • Suppplemental LSC elections. Interesting that school slated for turnaround are on the list. Why do they need an LSC if the board is going to tell them what to do?

  • I was wondering the same thing, 13teacher. Does anyone know how that works? Does the LSC of a turnaround have some of the same "powers" as a regular LSC but not all?

  • In reply to Mom of 3 in CPS:

    Ours did not. The CAO (when they were called CAO's) made it very clear that she was presenting us (LSC) the 3 finalist she had selected as a courtesy. She said because we were on probabtion, we did not have a vote. She chose the worst of the 3 candidates and the school suffered.

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