JCB Meets Teachers At NTA

Roughly 60 teachers from over 30 schools met with Brizard and Emanuel last week at NTA, according to CPS:

"On Thursday, April 19, Mayor Emanuel, CEO Brizard and CPS leaders (pictured right) participated in the first of a series of Teacher Town Halls, during which approximately 60 teachers had the opportunity to hear from and ask questions of leadership regarding major initiatives taking place throughout the district and the efforts they are undertaking in their own classrooms, such as the Full School Day, the transition to Common Core, and professional development."

I'm imagining it was a pretty bland event.  But you never can tell. If anyone knows how the teachers were picked, how the meeting went, or what was said? Let us know.


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  • Judging from the photo it appears young white teachers were well represented.

  • Yes, based on that photo it appears that about 5-6 young(er), white, female teachers got the premium seats. I can't really see much beyond the first row though so it's very difficult to judge the rest of the crowd. But you were probably there and can share your experience with the class, right?

  • Maybe an attendee tweeted the event. Anyone know?

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