Authorize Now, Strike Later

Authorize a strike now, and then go out on strike later -- if necessary -- that seems to be the tactic that CTU and its allies are considering right now, though no formal action has been taken (that I know of).  The first signal would be a ten day notice of intent to authorize a strike.  Yes, folks who were retiring (or going to grad school) could authorize a strike that they would not have to live with.  Just like outgoing LSCs hire principals that than have to be endured by folks who didn't necessarily want that person. How do you feel about that?

Chicago Public Schools, teachers union turn to fact-finding panel Tribune: Some observers are skeptical, especially since 1,200 teachers are expected to retire this year. Veteran teachers are often considered the staunchest union supporters.

CTU: Fact-finding panel to help with contract dispute ABC:  Contract talks between the Chicago Teachers Union and Chicago Public Schools have reached a standstill.

Mayor Rahm and the f-bomb: a critical study Reader: My guess is that forcing the teachers to eat a lousy contract is all part of his wider effort to show the world that he’s the mayor who whooped the teacher union. It also explains why he's tormenting everyone—parents, teachers, kids, etc—with his unfunded mandate of a longer day. The one where he mandates a longer day and provides no money to do anything with it.



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  • Strike, Strike, Strike!

  • Negotiate..Amend...Compromise!

  • In reply to district299reader:

    Strike, Strike, Strike, or perish!

  • Don't let the negative Neds and Bitter Bettys muffle your voice were a compliance officer... as a former high plains commission drifter who followed the law of the day,( my alternative certification was bought in part by bad paper) you're legal nuance and understanding is appreciated... you've reassured me for years with your clear,concise narratives and command of the subject matter...

    Naysayers need to do their due diligence...

  • I wish teachers would move past the noble teacher mode and recognize that waste/ entitlement and the "they're my days and I'm taking them" syndrome has compounded the a seventeen year south side CPS veteran...old CTU thinking brought us here...compromise or be gone.

    I'm not working...teaching is a vocation...noble...I know.

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    There are lots of things that have "compounded the problem". But the problem is still that we put the group most advanced at "waste/entitlement" running the entire school system with no checks and balances.

    And they sure don't send their kids to the schools that they throw into chaos.

  • I was wondering, if the Network Chief comes to your school for a walk-thru and suggests that certain teachers are fired immediately (several who have already submitted paperwork for retirement 6/30) is this possible or legal?? We had such visit and he told the Principal there should be two lists, those who should be fired before June and those who should be terminated after June. I thought the current contract mandated a process?
    I guess this is what we have to look forward to with our next contract. Not good.

  • In reply to unknown teacher:

    This is exactly what we have to look forward to with our next potential contract.

    Yes, there is a current contractually mandated process for terminating teachers for poor performance. That process takes a few months but as long as the principal follows the simple procedures such a dismissal cannot effectively be contested.

    Network Chief walk-throughs and other immediate termination demands are definitely in our future. That's part of how the vaunted "private sector" works.

  • In reply to district299reader:

    No, that's not how the private sector works.

  • In reply to Donn:

    If this were the private sector 95% of the kids would be rejected as "defective parts".

    Additionally, the private sector has MUCH more downtime during the day than teaching.

  • In reply to district299reader:

    What exactly is ‘poor performance’? Scantron Results? ISAT results? NWEA results? Common Core results? Charlotte Danielson’s four domains results? Not married to the payroll clerk, results? Didn’t buddy up to the teacher reps on the LSC, results? Student Survey results? Makes $65 thousand but only $60 thou in next year’s school budget, results? Failed to act sufficiently intimidated by the Area Network Boss, results? Lesson plans were not in the ‘red’ folder? Didn’t spend enough of your own money on classroom supplies? Had a family emergency? Filed a grievance for overcrowded classroom? Missed all your preps for two straight weeks and dared to mention it? The principal is overweight and your not? Teacher called ‘heads’ and the value-added landed on ‘tails’?

  • In reply to district299reader:

    Thanks for the info. Considering all of our administration is retiring Jun 30th, it's safe to say they wont put out that type of effort for multiple teachers.
    I'm really curious to know, does Rahm really think "this" is the answer?? Willing to bet there will be a teacher shortage in 2yrs tops. Run off the (expensive) veterans, make the 10 year teachers (myself) consider other careers, and a revolving door of newbies. I would love to see a first year teacher and first year administration handle the social issues/violence that we deal with in one week (every week), and not leave mid year. Teaching will never fit into the private/business world model.

  • Donn is out of touch. This is not the private sector. Is he a teacher? Couldn't be.

  • In reply to sammy:

    Donn can not be a teacher. I highly suspect he's a "125 South" troll. Most of us contribute on here because we are/were part of the CPS system and/or we have family members and wish to exchange information. Donn just runs off at the mouth (butt).

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